The Department of Transport says its October 25 D-Day for passenger vans to operate services to destinations in the provinces from Bangkok's three bus terminals will go smooth.

Assurance of the smooth D-Day came after its meeting yesterday with a committee in charge of regulating the over 4,000 passenger vans operating services from the Victory Monument to provincial destinations at a 300 kilometres perimeter from Bangkok.

The meeting discussed progress in the regulation which showed satisfactory cooperation from commercial van operators.

The deputy permanent-secretary of the Ministry of Transport Mr Darun Saengchai revealed that the meeting was called to check on progress being made on the second stage of moving these vans which were providing service from Bangkok to provincial destinations located within a 300 km radius to the city.

In all, there are 4,205 vans providing such service which employ the Victory Monument as its base.

In the past this has caused major traffic problems with congestion in the area and there have been many official attempts to move them to other locations.

But he said under the new plan which has proved successful, vans will only be able to operate from 3 bases which the Transport Company Limited has made available.

These are the Chatuchak, Pinklao and Ekamai bus terminals.

Having successfully completed the second, the ministry now looks forward to moving ahead with the third stage of the plan which it has admitted was trial-run from August 1-15.

This was done to see if any complications such as traffic congestion in the new locations would arise so that corrective measure can be made.

If everything goes as planned then the entire third stage will effectively begin on October 25.

From then on all passenger vans must only operate from these three stations and not from the Victory Monument.

Officials will be tasked with closely monitoring their activities and heavy fines will be given to anyone failing to comply.

Upon completion of the move from the Victory Monument, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Authority will then move in to refurbish the entire area to return it to the public, he said.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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