Travel business for pet lovers booms

Bangkok, The tourism business for pet lovers is growing, including hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, insurance, embracing the trend of pet lovers as family. People spend more on pet related categories. Mrs. Pranaya Nithananon, Chief Executive Officer Credit Card Marketing Department, "KTC" or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited, said that the trend of caring for pets as family members (Pet Parent) has come to play a significant role in Thai society. This is reflected from the total number of KTC credit card usage in the hotel category that will grow 25% in 2023, partly due to the fact that hotels allow members who like pets to bring their pets to stay with them. (Pet Friendly) by provinces that have hotels that provide such services and have spending amounts through the card. Growing the most includes Chonburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan. and Nakhon Si Thammarat, respectively, while the total spending via the card In the pet category, it will increase by 12% in 2023, with members aged 60 years and over having the highest proportion of spending on pets, up to 20%, followed by members aged 30 - 35 years at 13% and Members of both groups still have consistent spending amounts in those categories. In addition, the Department of Business, Ministry of Commerce has predicted that The pet market in 2026 will have a value of up to 66,784 million baht, which is considered a positive factor for businesses related to pet care. KTC launches the "All About Pet" campaign, offering discounts of up to 30% from leading participating partners. More than 100 stores are confident that credit card spending for members of the pet lover group will help drive credit card spending in 2024 to reach the target of 15%. Miss Sukanya Wiriya Thanaporn Director of Sales and Marketing, The Standard Hua Hin, said that the Thai birth rate has been steadily decreasing over the past 10 years, and the number of single people or families who do not wish to have children today is likely to increase. As a result, the market for raising pets and places w here pets can be brought to do activities (Pet Friendly) in Thailand has an opportunity to grow. It is an opportunity for the hotel business to expand its services to include pet lovers, such as adding common areas for running and playing. Excretion area Mattress, outdoor living equipment These services will provide convenience to pet owners. It is also considered as additional income for the hotel. Mrs. Kwankaew Sirijinda, Assistant Managing Director Central Pattana Public Company Limited Said that the shopping center views it as an opportunity to expand the market and increase opportunities for the Pet Friendly group to have options where they can bring their pets to life. Therefore, Central was created to be a prototype of a shopping center that allows business partners and partners to create business opportunities with four-legged families living together. Dr. Nawaporn Chuanpreecha, Director of Marketing and Customer Relations Thonglor Animal Hospital said that according to Euromonitor International, th e value of the Thai pet market is continuously growing. and growing against the trend during COVID-19, with a value of up to 55,000 million baht by 2023. The main pets in Thailand are still dogs and cats. The cats are clearly growing. And what is becoming popular is the group of exotic animals, rare animals (Exotic Pet), causing many businesses to adapt. Including animal hospitals Thonglor Animal Hospital has developed clinics, hotels, services, and products to suit lifestyles. and changing parenting styles, including the use of innovation in product production, such as producing cat litter from cassava because it is a biodegradable material. (Biodegradable) 100% to meet the lifestyle of modern people who raise cats in condos and pay attention to environmental sustainability. Mr. Nattaphon Ankhawanich, Director of Business Development and Marketing Department Dhipaya Insurance PCL said that pet insurance is considered risk diversification for pet owners. Because at present the cost of raising animals is appr oximately 5,000 baht - 20,000 baht and if the pet is sick It may cost up to hundreds of thousands of baht. by Dhipaya Insurance Get pet insurance for dogs and cats. Covers pet medical care Expenses for third party responsibilities Pet funeral expenses Compensation in the event of the death of a pet, vaccination costs, advertising expenses in the case of a lost pet. and babysitting service fees if the owner goes abroad Dogs and cats wanting insurance must be between 3 months - 9 years old, healthy and have a vaccination history. Source: Thai News Agency