About 50 troopers from the 11th and 25th cavalry battalions were on Sunday sent to Wat Kasatrathiraj Voravihara in Ayutthaya to lay sand bags to form a 400-metre long flood wall as water in the Chao Phraya river is steadily rising.

The new flood wall will form the second line of barrier after underground water from the rising river has seeped through the first line of barrier and flooded the the temple's lawn measured at about 50 cm deep as of Sunday.

The abbot of the temple, Phra Ratthaninthrajarn, sought help from the army to strengthen the flood wall with the hope that it will be able to spare the monks' lodgings and other important properties from flooding.

Tha Rua district chief officer Mr Vitit Pinnikorn, meanwhile, said that workers had stuffed water drains with sand bags to block water from Pasak river into the township but the attempt failed.

He said the sandbags could not hold back the water pressure and water seeped in flooding the riverside market and the road in front of the old district office.

The district's economic zone which includes the district hospital and government buildings still remains dry as it is located on high ground, about 50-100 cm above the water level.

However, Mr Vitit admitted that he is worried if more water continues to be drained out of Pasak Cholasit dam.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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