A pickup truck carrying students back homes collided head-on with another pickup truck which veered off the road lane, injuring 20 people, eight seriously.

The incident happened in Muang Sam Sip district of Ubon Ratchathani province at about 4.30pm on the road from Muang Sam Sip to Phana.

Muang Samsip police said driver of the student truck Somsak Kaenmun was driving in his pickup truck which was converted to a student truck to deliver 18 students homes.

But as he was arriving near Km 15 marker on the road, another pickup truck driven by Suraphan Saiphat veered off the lane and crashed at the traffic island.

The impact sent it to fly over the island and crashed head-on with the student truck.

The collision left all the students and the two drivers injured, 8 seriously.

All were later admitted to Muang Sam Sip district hospital.

Police said rescue workers spent almost an hour before they could pull trapped Suraphan out of the badly damaged truck.

Police said Suraphan's vehicle was arriving at a curve on the road when it lost balance, veering off the lane and jumping across the traffic island and hitting the student truck coming on the opposite direction.

Exact cause was being examined by police but both were booked for further questioning.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)

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