Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has described the first 100 days of Turkey's 65th government -- which included an attempted coup and military operation in Syria -- as eventful, according to Anadolu Agency.

Speaking to reporters in Ankara, Yildirim outlined policy decisions made by his Justice and Development (AK) Party government over the last three months.

In the justice sector, the government enacted regional administrative courts; "Belated justice is not justice at all," Yildirim commented.

"We made serious reforms in the labor and social security field," Yildirim added. He said the government encouraged people to invest in Turkey and had tried to persuade talented, qualified people from emigrating. "The aim is to promote investment and more employment in Turkey," he said.

On domestic security, Yildirim said terrorist organizations had caused $10 billion in damage to Turkey's economy. The premier said economic stability would be protected and despite the July 15 coup attempt, the "economy is steady as a rock".

Yildirim also said Turkey would "resolutely" fight against terrorism. He said 52,000 suspected people had been banned from entering the country and 3,800 others had been deported.

Yildirim said Turkey had had a bad start with tourism but added there had been a "recovery" in domestic numbers due to religious holidays.

In education, he said Turkey had established five universities in 100 days.

On transport, Yildirim described the Osmangazi Bridge in Turkey's western Kocaeli province -- completed on July 30 -- a "masterpiece."

He said about 20,000 cars a day passed over the structure.

Yildirim also said national defense was "reborn" following the 15 July foiled coup. "Turkey will continue to take precautions to increase its deterrence, he added.


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