Two Chinese tourists drowned, two others were injured and the fifth went missing after they went to swim in the sea in front of a beach hotel in Thai Muang district of Phang-nga province Friday night (Feb 23).

Police said the five tourists were part of a 29-member tour group of Yong Rern Hong Travel Company who came from Phuket to stay overnight in Thai Muang district.

In the evening, the five tourists went to swim in the sea in front of Dusit Hot Spring Beach Resort and Spa despite a warning from their tour guide because of the rough sea.

After a while, the five tourists were washed out further into the sea by strong waves. However, some people on the beach went to their rescue and managed to pull four of them out of the water, but two of them were already dead.

The two survivors who sustained some injuries were later identified as Mr Jiang Yuping, 28 and Mr Jiang Yumong, 28. They were later sent to Vachira Phuket hospital for treatment.

The dead tourists were identified as Ms Wang Qi, 29 and Mr Jiang Yufu, 25. Still missing is Ms Yang Juan, 27.

Search for the missing tourist resumed on Saturday (Feb 24), but until the evening, the search team was unable to locate her and believed she was drowned.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)

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