Urges the President of the House of Representatives to investigate the “Paris ticket” case.

PDRC requests the Speaker of the House of Representatives to set up a committee to investigate the case of "Paris tickets" of "Rangsiman Rome".

Mr. Anon Klinkaew, representative of the Center for the Protection of Institutions (People's Center for the Protection of Institutions) submitted a letter of complaint to Mr. Wan Muhammad Noor Matha, Speaker of the House of Representatives Set up an audit committee Mr. Rangsiman Rome, MP for the Progressive Party, on the Paris ticket case, noted that Is the money being used to support refugees escaping Section 112 cases? Or is there someone behind it? This caused the need to rush out and amend Section 112, which in the past the party had advanced to discuss. About the institution Including elephant tickets But in the case of Paris tickets Mr. Rangsiman didn't know.

“The president of the council should set up a committee to investigate. Mr. Rangsiman Rome, Paris ticket case What is the nature of the ticket? If there is truly a wrongdoing Who receives foreign funding? Come destroy the institution. It is considered a threat to national security,” Mr. Anon said.

Mr. Anon said Mr. Rangsiman It must be clearly stated that it is supported by capitalists. come and instigate Let youth commit crimes until they are prosecuted. Then, whether they were accused of being politically harassed or not. Therefore, please ask the president of the council. Don't be silent, you must come out and investigate immediately.

Source: Thai News Agency