Victim’s body brought to Suthisaen police station as relatives sought justice from police

Relatives of a man who died allegedly at the hands of policemen during a police raid of a gambling den in Suthisarn area carried the victim's body to Suthisarn police station to dramatise the victim's death and their doubt over the victim's autopsy conducted by the Forensic Institute of the National Police Office.

Mr Sira Jenjakha, a former member of the National Reform Assembly, said the relatives wanted to seek justice from the police over the suspicious death of Don Daengjanteep, 34, who died during the police raid of a hi-lo illegal gambling den in Rungruang community on November 2.

Mr Sira Jenjakha, a former member of the National Reform Assembly

It was alleged some of the raiding team beat up the victim.

The former assemblyman said the relatives doubted the autopsy report of the Forensic Institute of the Police hospital and had sent the victim's body to the Forensic Science Institute of the Justice Ministry for re-examination to determine the exact cause or causes of the death.

Mr Sira threatened to bring the victim's body to the Government House to petition directly to Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha if the superintendent of Suthisarn police declined to meet them.

The victim's sister, Mr Kanchana Daengjanteep, meanwhile, said that the victim did not have any major diseases which might result in his death.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)