The Phu Suansai national park officials in Nahaew district of Loei province have warned villagers leaving their cattles grazing near the park of tiger attacks after three cattles were found dead in the park.

The cattles were reported missing weeks ago after their owners brought them to graze in grassland near the national park and went missing.

National park chief Sakhon Nachai said park officials found the carcasses of three cattles in the park and there were traces that showed they were attacked by at least three tigers.

He said park officials and army rangers went searching for the missing cattles and found their dead bodies near a stream.

He said it was believed that as the cattles were grazing grasses and bamboo shoots near a hill, they were attacked by at least three tigers and dragged to the stream.

There were several footprints of the tigers at the edge of the stream and of several wild animals preying the carcasses left over by the tigers.

He then asked for cooperation from village headmen in the areas around the park to advise villagers not to let their cattles grazing at or near the park as it was not only against the forestry law, but also risk of attacks by wild animals.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)

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