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MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vital Images, Inc. (Vital), a Minneapolis-based advanced medical imaging and informatics company, is pleased to present a sneak preview of holographic computing with its VitreaView® enterprise imaging solution at the HIMSS Asia Pacific annual conference in the Vital booth (#412), 23-26 August in Bangkok, Thailand. Vital is exploring the potential application of the Microsoft HoloLens as an extension of its enterprise visualisation solution, including the company’s VitreaView and Vitrea® Advanced Visualisation software.

Microsoft describes HoloLens as “the first fully self-contained, holographic computer, enabling you to interact with high‑definition holograms in your world.” Introducing this type of virtual interaction to healthcare presents a range of potential possibilities in providing clinicians an immersive view of a patient’s anatomy, while extending that visibility to remote team members, consulting physicians or healthcare informatics partners:

  • Guided surgery and education: A surgeon could wear the HoloLens while operating on a patient and see a panoramic view of the body area on which to be operated. Images the surgeon views in the HoloLens potentially could be presented in real-time to a team of experts for advice and guidance during the operation or to a classroom to benefit students, including with Skype for HoloLens.
  • Telemedicine and military healthcare: A healthcare practitioner in a remote village could use HoloLens to observe specific parts of the patient’s body, then send the information to Vital where clinical analytics could be applied to potentially assist in diagnosing the patient.
  • Virtual care and rehabilitation are further opportunities where the HoloLens can play a role in assisting patients to adhere to physical rehabilitation exercises and potentially providing remote treatment.

Vital will also demonstrate its VitreaView enterprise imaging solution integrated with multiple clinical information system partners, including ClinicToCloud, MedCubes and RingMD. This image enabling integration will provide clinicians easy access to complete imaging history across multiple care locations.

“We look forward to presenting some of the ways we envision HoloLens – the very first augmented reality platform – could integrate with Vital’s enterprise visualisation platform to enhance clinical confidence and outcomes,” says Dr. Ravi Shrestha, general manager Asia Pacific at Vital Images. “While Vital’s current efforts with respect to HoloLens are conceptual, we recognise the great potential of the technology to help clinicians.”

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