Park officials at Dong Yai wildlife sanctuary in Buriram has erected elephant warning signs telling villagers of danger from the large mammals after three people were killed during the past three months.

Apart from tightened measures to monitor wildlife poaching, park officials have put up signs prohibiting poaching in the park and warning villagers to be in extreme caution after elephants in the park had attacked and killed a park official and two villagers during the past three months.

Jirawat Pikulhom, leader of the Lam Narong dam fishing community, the elephant attacks had frightened the community residents, and forced them to avoid entering the park in search of food as warned by officials.

He said as the elephant population in the forest reserve rises, fruiting trees become scare, thus forcing them to roam outside, particularly in farming areas of villagers.

As a prevention measure, park officials will conduct patrol along the protection area to prevent the large mammals from encroachment of the villagers' farms.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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