The Hydro and Agro informatics Institute (HAII) says urban flooding in Bangkok is caused by the city administration's incapability to drain away rainwater containment, brushing aside suggestions that it is caused by water flowing downstream from the Northern region.

Affirmation of inefficient draining rainwater into the city sewage and draining canals is major cause of urban flooding came as Bangkok is expected to face heavy rains today and early next month as several areas are still submerged even there was no rainfall, particularly at Muangthong Thani, Chaengwattana, Don Mueang, and etc.

HAII director Mr. Royol Chitradon affirmed that the current flooding in urban areas was not caused by water flowing downstream from the North.

In fact it was caused by the city administration's inability to solve the draining of rainwater, thus resulted in water containment in various areas whenever there was rain.

He cited example of flooding in Chaengwattana, saying it did not come from flood water from the North.

Everytime there was rain, the area was then flooded, he said.

He said it needed fast action to solve flooding in the area and not just simply telling the people if rainfall is over 60 mm, then flooding is unavoidable.

He then suggested the city administration to look at the way its adjacent Pathumthani province's success in solving much of the flooding problem through cleaning its sewage system and dredging the old draining streams, instead of building new draining structures.

He said the city administration should survey and make use of old draining and sewage stream first instead of building giant sewage tunnels.

He said the city administration solved flooding problem in urban areas in a luxury style focusing on building new giant tunnels which are time consuming.

Commenting on flooding in many areas behind the Chao Phraya river which is over a metre high in some places, Mr Royol warns of more rains end of this month and early next month due to the influence from low pressure system in the South China Sea and the Andaman Sea.

He said the Royal Irrigation Department was releasing water from dam at inappropriate level thus causing some areas in Ayutthaya submerged in over a metre high of water, while water now in Pasakchalasit dam is 70% of storage capacity.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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