Wild elephants from Ang Rue Nai wildlife sanctuary ransacked homes and plantations in Kaeng Hang Maeo district of Chanthaburi province and killed one villager before dawn today

Another villager was also seriously injured.

Villagers said a herd of wild elephants came out of the wildlife sanctuary for food in Tambon Khunsong ransacking homes and plantations of villagers.

One villager who went tapping rubber latex along with other neighbours at a rubber plantation was killed by a bull elephant.

He was later identified as Thongdang Tumnanork, 46.

His death was reported to his wife at home by other neighbours who were also working in the rubber plantations.

Alerted local authorities inspecting the scene found his dead body at the rubber plantation, while another tapping rubber a kilometre away was also injured by elephant from the same herd.

Forestry officials were searching for the herd in the bud to drive it back to the wildlife sanctuary

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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