A herd of 40 wild elephants coming out of a wildlife sanctuary in Kaeng Harng Maew in Chanthaburi province last Friday to raid farmers' crops was driven back to their traditional home in the jungle but four got stuck in a muddy pond.

The incident happened last Friday at Village 3 of Tambon Pawa in Kaeng Harng Maew district.

The incident went viral on the social world yesterday when a video clip of the elephants getting stuck in the muddy pond was posted, with many viewers commenting that the elephants were scared away by gunshots and firecrackers and four fell into the muddy pond.

A backhoe was also seen in the clip dredging a path for the elephants to get out of the pond.

Many questioned the way park officials firing gunshots to scare away the herd from farmers farms, thus forcing them to flee in fear of the gunshot sound, and fell into the steep pond.

But Khao Arng Luenai wildlife sanctuary chief Decha Nilwichien today dismissed claim by the poster that park officials fired gunshots to scare away the elephants.

Instead, park officials were rescuing the four elephants out of the muddy pond when they misstepped and fell into the pond while they followed the herd back to the jungle.

No shooting was used to drive the herd back to the jungle, he insisted.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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