Deputy Prime Miniser Wisanu Krea-ngarm, on Wednesday, shrugged off threatened lawsuits made by the lawyer of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

Responding to a threat by former foreign minister Noppadol Pattama that his client, Thaksin, will file civil and criminal charges against the Revenue Department and authorities concerned over their move to demand 17 billion baht in overdue tax and fine from the sale of Shin Corp's shares to Singapore's Temasak Holdings, Dr Wisanu said that public prosecutors would defend the case for those being sued like many other cases.

He said that the department had been sued on countless cases, with wins on some cases and losses in other cases which are quite normal and without any interference from the government.

Regarding this case, the Revenue Department is not scared, only the press that are panic. They are just performing their duty and, hence, public prosecutors defend for them and there are no disciplinary actions against the officials concerned unless the cases are lost due to gross negligence, he explained.

The deputy prime minister also shrugged off criticism that the department's action would undermine the government's efforts to forge reconciliation with political parties and groups.

He insisted that the government had intended from the very beginning to clear up Thaksin's tax case once and for all through legal proceedings, without prejudice and discrimination.

There are always two sides to a coin. When you look at one side, there are people who will look at the other side. The problem is that we cannot see the two sides at the same time, so we would like the case to be seen as normal and the best way to deal with it is for an impartial party � that is the court � to make the judgment, said the deputy prime minister.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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