The Ministry of Justice has organized a workshop to set guidelines to prevent and suppress corruption and misconduct that may take place at various agencies under the ministry.

Deputy Permanent Secretary for Justice Niyom Termsrisuk, who is also Chief of the Ministry of Justice’s Anti-Corruption Operation Center, presided over the opening of the workshop on 7 December 2020 at the Best Western Plus Wanda Grand Hotel in Pak Kret, Nonthaburi province.

Participating in the workshop were 60 personnel involved with risk management. They worked together in revising anti-corruption measures implemented by the ministry and setting guidelines to deal with the problem more effectively.

The Government has included the fight against corruption as part of the national agenda, stressing that the problem can be addressed by fostering awareness in individuals, families, schools, communities, society, and the nation, together with the promotion of virtue, morality, ethics, and good governance values. A system has been established by each government agency to conduct corruption risk assessment in order to tackle the problem.

The Government has also instructed each public administrative unit to set up an Anti-Corruption Operation Center, in accordance with its strategic framework, approach, and proactive action plan in fighting corruption.

The Anti-Corruption Operation Center has been established at the ministerial level. It serves as a mechanism for implementing anti-corruption plans, as well as promoting and protecting ethics within the organization. The Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry is the Chief of the Center.


Source: The Government Public Relations Department