A private hospital staff in charge of X-ray service was arrested for obscenity charge after a female patient lodged complaint with Samut Prakarn police that she was sexually abused.

The arrest of Kiatiphot, 27, a X-ray technician of a well-known private hospital came after a 25-year-old female student complained that she was abused while receiving X-ray scanning at the hospital on February 5.

She recalled that she was rushed to the hospital after falling off a motorcycle and was unconscious.

She said she was sent to the X-ray room for brain scanning.

While she was inside the room she slowly began to regain consciousness after some one called her twice.

At this stage she felt that the man was touching and sucking her breast.

She then screamed for help, forcing her friends to rush into the room.

Kiatiphot later admitted to abusing the patient saying he felt grumpy and foggy for lack of sleep.

He was booked for obscenity charge.

The hospital later dismissed him.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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