Young man arrested for stabbing a woman on a tour bus and injuring her

Khon Kaen, Girl is frightened! was hit by a male passenger sitting in the seat next to him Using a knife to stab the injured arm Even though we didn’t know each other before. Recently, the police were able to catch and arrest him.

Clip of the moment when traffic police and good citizens rushed together to arrest Mr. Sathawan, age 24, who was hallucinating and screaming. while running across the road Hopes to steal villagers’ motorcycles to ride away. After using a 20 centimeter long knife to stab both arms of Miss Nittaya, aged 31, causing serious wounds. While Ms. Nittaya was walking off the tour bus that had stopped to drop off passengers at the bus pavilion at the intersection. Mittraphap Road inbound to Khon Kaen city Mueang Phon Municipality, Khon Kaen Province at approximately 9:11 p.m. yesterday (6 Feb.)

Ms. Nittaya, the injured person, was shown a stab wound in her right arm which received 10 stitches and 6 stitches in her left before saying that she had traveled alone. By tour bus from Nakhon Ratc
hasima – Ubon Ratchathani To return home to Maha Sarakham Province, he was worried from the moment he put his bag in the bottom of the tour bus because the perpetrator suddenly asked where he was going to get off. Tonpa Sue replied that he went down to Borabue. Then he walked to the bathroom and sat in the car as usual. which he sat on the seat close to the inside After a while, the perpetrator came and sat in seat number 6 next to him.

While sitting together The perpetrator was staring at his face strangely all the time, which made him feel very depressed. So he had to come out and stand instead. When the bus conductor asked who would be getting off at A.Phon, he hurriedly replied that he would be getting off. Until he bent down to pick up his bag, the perpetrator suddenly followed and kicked him until he fell. Then he pulled out a knife and stabbed him several times. He raised his hands in defense until he was injured. Then the perpetrator ran away.

Ms. Nittaya also gave a warning to women traveling alone
that If you must travel alone, please inquire with the ticket agent. Choose a safe seat, such as sitting next to another woman. and asked the police to take legal action. Because people like this, if they let go, they are dangerous to other people.

As for Mr. Sahasawat, the perpetrator, a urine test did not find any drugs in his body. It is thought to be caused by mental illness. Recently, the mother of the perpetrator was able to be contacted. and it was confirmed that the perpetrator was mentally ill. From January 2023, take medicine to treat symptoms and see a doctor continuously. But in the days before the incident Mr. Millennium does not accept medicine. Claimed to be looking for work in Bangkok. Until it was discovered that such an incident had occurred. Mr. Sahasawat was initially charged with assaulting another person.

Source: Thai News Agency