‘Ann’ is worried about ‘Nonny’ working as far as Chiang Mai and encountering PM 2.5.

Nine Entertainment, “Ann Siriam” is separated from “Nonny” and works full time in Chiang Mai, worried about the PM 2.5 problem affecting her daughter’s health. Nose bleed reveals secret 53 still delicious

Making the mother still perfect, Ann Siriam even came out and admitted that she was worried about her daughter, Nonny Nonlanee, who used to act as a personal manager. Then I changed myself to work full time as an airport official. and had to move to work in Chiang Mai Province, where the daughter would travel back to Bangkok 2-3 times a month Make your mother miss you.

But what makes me more worried than before is the problem of PM 2.5 dust in Chiang Mai province. Because my daughter already has an allergy. So it was fully affected. Some days there were even nosebleeds. As a mother who lives away, I can only warn her not to leave the building often. As for her future plans as a mother, I am ready to fully support her. Nonny herself has no plans to move back to work in Bangkok right now.

And even though A
nn Siriam will be 53 years old this year, she still takes good care of herself. There was no undertone of sexiness. especially tennis fashion No matter what outfit it was, it made all the young men and women in the field stunned. He revealed that It is considered a happiness in addition to exercising. I still dress beautifully to play sports. When I dress, I don’t think too much. I focus on being simple and comfortable, but not to the point of being confident that it’s a good hanger and that no matter what I dress it will be beautiful. But even though I often see her dressed in hot clothes, her husband doesn’t mind because he’s so busy that he never sees the pictures. Only my daughter called to gently warn me. Just a little bit.

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Netizens keep an eye on “PK-Jolie Nguyen” checking in at the same place.

Nine Entertainment, Netizens keep an eye on “PK-Jolie Nguyen” checking in at the same place. Popular hotels on Koh Samui

Makes the social media detectives work hard. When a young Vietnamese model who was previously in the news of the second world of famous host PK Piyawat , Jolie Nguyen, posted a vacation on Koh Samui. Surat Thani Province into personal Instagram @jolienguyennofficial The first set was a picture of the seaside at sunset with the caption “Sun kissed ?? #Kohsamui #islandlife” and checked in at CoCo Tam’s Koh Smui followed by another set of pictures. There was a check-in at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui, Thailand with the caption: Time flies but memories last ???, which can be translated as ‘Time will pass. But the memories will last.’

There are also pictures in IG stories. It is a picture of a man and woman holding hands and watching the sunset by the sea. and it reads: ‘When you choose a life partner, you’re choosing your eating companion for about 20,000 meals, your travel companion for 10
0 vacations, your leisure time + retirement friend, your career therapist, and someone whose day you’ll hear about 18,000 times.’ ‘When you choose your life partner It is choosing someone who will eat with you for another 20,000 meals, travel with you for another 100 trips, be a friend during your free time until retirement. And someone you will one day hear about 18,000 times.’

Which would probably be nothing. If the talented young host PK Piyawat hadn’t posted a photo and checked in at the Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui as well, even if it was only a photo of food. This caused netizens to immediately train their brains in welding. As for this work, will the two go together or not? It would be better to have him come out and explain himself.

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“Jenny Ratchanok” announces the good news that there is a younger sibling for Eugene.

Nine Entertainment, “Jenny Ratchanok” announces good news that there is a younger sibling for Eugene. It’s a birthday present for my husband.

Even though in the past I often encountered things that gave me a headache. But in the end, young singer Jenny got it all if she was fresh or Jenny Ratchanok had good news that made her smile. When he posted a picture on his personal social media It was a display of a pregnancy test that showed 2 lines, meaning pregnancy, along with her husband, Yew Chatmongkol , smiling happily. With the caption: ‘Happy birthday, talented husband. And this is the gift that you want the most. Yujin is going to have a little girl ??.’

At this event, many fans and people in the industry came to express their congratulations. While Yew Chatmongkol ‘s husband’s social media has not been active in this matter.

This is considered good news for the singer’s family. After being disappointed in losing an unborn child in the middle of last year. Anyway, I’m rooting for you and wishing for str
ength for both mother and child.

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‘Earth Day’ campaigns to reduce single-use plastics.

Department of Climate Change and Environment (DPWH), Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMC) together with Samut Sakhon Province. and network partners Organized mangrove waste collection activities at the Mangrove Resources Research Center 2, Samut Sakhon Province. On the occasion of World Earth Day 2024, along with a campaign to reduce single-use plastics. Hoping to save the world crisis

Captain Rachat Pisittabannakorn, Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment), said Police General Patcharawat Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister. and Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Concerned about the global crisis Including the problem of environmental pollution caused by plastic waste. The government has seen the importance and is aware of this problem. By the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Collaborate with all sectors to accelerate measures to prevent and solve plastic waste problems in an integrated manner.
concretely And on the occasion of World Earth Day 2024, the Department of Climate Change and Environment has been assigned to accelerate cooperation in reducing the use of single-use plastics nationwide. To reduce environmental problems and global crises.

Activities on World Earth Day Thailand organizes nature and environmental conservation activities along with all areas around the world. To make people aware of the importance of nature and the environment The concept used in organizing activities will be in the same direction around the world and for 2024 there is the concept “Planet vs. Plastics: Reduce plastic, save the world’s boiling crisis” which is consistent with the Roadmap for Plastic Waste Management 2018. – 2030 of Thailand with the goal of reducing and eliminating the use of plastic by using environmentally friendly alternative materials. and reusing 100% of plastic waste by 2027, which will lead to that goal. It requires cooperation from both the public, private and public sectors.

This year,
therefore, it was a collaboration from the government sector. Private sector and civil society Joining forces to reduce single-use plastic use all over the country, consisting of 1) Domestic coffee shop operators, 31 companies, totaling 9,530 shops/branch, announce their intention to cooperate with environmentally friendly coffee shops (Green Coffee Shop) to promote reduction. Use of single-use plastic packaging 2) Department stores convenience store Ban the sale of single-use foam packaging containers. and promote the use of environmentally friendly packaging as a substitute. 3) Government agencies in provinces throughout the country By the Provincial Natural Resources and Environment Office (NRCT), every province joins in the campaign on Earth Day under the concept “Planet vs. Plastics: Reduce plastic, save the global crisis” by collecting the amount of plastic collected and calculating the reduction. The amount of greenhouse gases 4) Civil society networks that carry out work on conservation of natural res
ources and the environment of MPs throughout the country. Ready to join together to reduce the use of single-use plastics, consisting of the Volunteer Network for the Protection of Natural Resources and the Village Environment (TSM), the network of schools and waste-free communities. Children and Youth Network on Climate Change and the Environment Local Administrative Organizations (Local Administrative Organizations) Sustainable Environmental Cities and a livable city paired with eco-industry and environmental NGOs

Today’s Earth Day activity is Thailand’s first Net Zero Event. Greenhouse gas emissions from all activities arising from the event are assessed. By choosing to compensate from projects that have carbon absorption or projects that have carbon storage technology. To compensate for greenhouse gases to be zero. which this activity There has been compensation from a sustainable reforestation project. large project In the Khun Mae Khammi Forest Park area Wang Chin Forest Park Mae Yom-Mae Paeng Forest P
ark, Phrae Province, all came to zero.

We invite all sectors to join together in campaigning and organizing activities on Earth Day 2024 under the concept of “Planet vs. Plastics: Reduce plastic, save the global crisis” by applying the 4 principles in organizing activities in the form Appropriate measures include: 1. Refuse single-use plastics. 2. Adjust behavior to use plastic to get the most value. 3. Change to use packaging instead of plastic produced from nature. 4. Transform plastic waste through the process of recycling or upcycling, adding value to plastic waste Use plastic efficiently and ask for cooperation in protecting, caring for, and conserving the environment It starts with changing attitudes in environmental management. It is something that we all have to take responsibility for. Change your daily lifestyle to be environmentally friendly. To pass on the beauty of natural resources and the environment to our future generations-517-

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Happy “Pin Kejmanee” returns to using “Miss” again.

Nine Entertainment, Pin Kejmanee is happy to use “Miss” again, waiting many years before quitting. The reason the child asked for time From now on, please stay still.

Skilled actor: Pin Kejmanee Phichainarongsongkram Came out to open up completely for the first time on WOODY FM after divorcing her ex-husband with whom she had been together for almost 30 years. They have 3 lovely children together.

Pin said that in the past she received only positive energy. There’s nothing bad about it. Family problems must already exist. There may be some that are normal for humans. Family problems must already exist. This has been Miss Miss for exactly 1 year (laughs). I have returned to being young again. Seriously, we have been lovers for almost 30 years. I never thought that this picture would happen.

Before separating, the first thing I thought of was my child. We talked all the time. You know everything all the time. we are friends While we are in the peak period You take good care of all of us. You are so cute. Yo
u have become an adult.

While holding the knee and talking to the child There were times when all three of them talked at the same time and there were times when they talked separately. As I said, it was something that happened gradually and the child saw everything. But we used to talk about being friends. To which he said he was not ready yet. Can I enter university first?

Now I’m a Miss. Have you started having feelings for other men yet? Honestly speaking, I don’t want it at all. And no one came to flirt with me. It’s the fact that I’ve had the same boyfriend for almost 30 years and suddenly wants me to have someone to talk to. There was a little bit of Tom doing something. We felt unfamiliar. I talked to my child. My child told me to just stay still.

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Floating Tuesday “Winai Kraibutr”

Nine Entertainment, “Ae Orchanyach” and family perform a ceremony to float Mars “Mek Winai”

After the cremation ceremony was completed today (26 March 2024) at approximately 10:00 a.m., “Ae Orchanyach” along with her children and family traveled to Chachoengsao Province to take the ashes of “Mek Winai” to be floated on Tuesday. Bang Pakong River Behind Sothon Wararam Worawihan Temple

“Ae” his wife hugged the bone tray of “Mek Winai” while his daughter held a picture of her father. and take a boat out to the middle of the river to perform a ceremony of floating ashes and scattering flowers Release the frog and fish for the last time.

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“Mark Prin” reveals that kissing “Kimberly” is normal.

Nine Entertainment, Make Supachalasai Stadium become an ant nest When the husband-wife couple “Mark Prin” and “Kimberly” showed off their sweetness and kissed each other on stage at a football event. Until they were teased about when the marriage would be finished.

Young Mak admits he was embarrassed to be teased. Revealing the actual script. The crew just gave a kiss, but the person asked for a full kiss until the end. They said it was normal because they kissed often. As for the matter that Kim is about to have a little baby, Young Mak can tell you that she is not pregnant. But now I have to inject hormones to stimulate eggs for the entire month.

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Personal manager reveals “Nok Jariya” posted a complaint about work stress.

Nine Entertainment, Personal manager reveals “Nok Jariya” posted a complaint because he was stressed about work. Preparing to become a nun on April 6th, 15 days.

Many people are quite worried. When the drama producer-senior actor “Nok Jariya” posted a picture of a black screen with the message “Enough” and “Come back to love yourself.”

The Nine Entertainment news team called directly to his personal manager, revealing, ‘P’Nok is stressed about work that many things are not finished yet. Because P’Nok will enter the ceremony to be ordained as a nun at Sathian Dhammasathan on April 6th, approximately 15 days. It was P’Nok’s intention for a long time that he wanted to ordain to make merit and practice Dhamma for his father who passed away. So try to finish all the work. Until you may put too much pressure on yourself and become stressed.

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The first Am brand in Southeast Asia for Loewe.

Nine Entertainment, Too great! Baifern has been appointed as an Am brand. Southeast Asia’s first to offer Loewe

Beautiful, pleasing to the eye, no exaggeration for Baifern Pimchanok Luevisadpaiboon Famous heroine whose work guarantees countless talents Recently, the very popular brand of LVMH, Loewe, has appointed her as its first brand ambassador for Thailand and Southeast Asia.

The announcement of this collaboration comes after Baifern traveled to attend fashion shows during Paris Fashion Week twice, the first time in September 2023 for the Spring/Summer 2024 collection with Tae Tawan and the latest. Fall/Winter 2024 this past February along with Aof Jumpol

After this, Baifern will travel to Shanghai to attend the Crafted World exhibition at the Shanghai Exhibition Center from March 20-21, which will be the first major exhibition of the oldest fashion brand in the LVMH group. Showcasing the craftsmanship of leather making and creativity.

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