A 6-wheeled driver was drunk and crashed into 7 vehicles in a row, injuring 4.

Bangkok: A drunk 6-wheeled driver drove his car and crashed into a sedan, pickup truck, and truck, totaling 7 vehicles, injuring 4 people, on the outbound Rattanathibet Road. Detects alcohol up to 88 milligrams. Image from the sedan's front camera Ms. Sureerat, 42 years old, the owner of the car, said that she was the passenger and her boyfriend was the driver. While driving along Rattanathibet Road outbound On the bridge over Bang Phraek Canal, Nonthaburi Province, at that moment another sedan Looks like he's about to change lanes to the middle lane. But it wasn't time to get out yet. was hit from behind by a blue truck. This caused the sedan to bounce and hit the front of his car, causing damage. Meanwhile, the blue truck continued to crash into other cars. Characteristics of colliding with each other After the incident, police at Bang Bua Thong Police Station, Nonthaburi Province, along with Ruamkatyu Foundation officials Inspect the incident A total of 7 vehicles were found damaged, including 4 sedans, 1 pickup truck, and 2 trucks. They collided and blocked every lane of the road. Other vehicles cannot pass. Rescue workers rushed to help the injured. One of them, Ms. Saowanee, aged 45 years, had a pain in her back. Still can't get out of the sedan. Rescue workers rushed to help him out and take him to the hospital. In total, 4 people were injured. As for Mr. Sapanan, 44 years old, the driver of a blue 6-wheel truck, an ice truck. Looks like a drunk person Giving a rambunctious talk, saying that they drove by and crashed into each other, they don't know how. Before admitting that he had drank a little alcohol The police then took Mr. Sap Anan. Went to the police station and had the alcohol checked and found it was as high as 88 milligrams percent. which exceeds the legal limit Therefore he was detained and prosecuted further. At the scene of the incident, officials closed traffic. to move the car out It took approximately 1 hour for traffic to open as usual Source: Thai News Agency