Adjust the medium-term fiscal plan Focus on stimulating the economy

House, Meeting of the State Monetary and Fiscal Policy Committee. Adjust the medium-term fiscal plan Focus on stimulating the economy But it is not clearly stated that Is it used in digital wallet projects? Mr. Lawan Saengsanit, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance Speaking after the meeting of the State Fiscal Policy Committee No. 1/2024 at Phakdee Bodin Building. with Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, chairing the matter regarding the adjustment of the fiscal plan, saying that if there are changes in income and expenditure, the medium-term fiscal plan must be adjusted accordingly. At least once a year must be adjusted. But if there is an important event, it can be adjusted. Along the way, they were able to adjust and admit that it caused the budget deficit to increase. But the income is still estimated to be the same. 'We are also looking at that during the preparation of the 2025 budget, which is currently in process. Some items should be adjusted. To take care of th e economic sector more,' Mr. Lawan said. Mr. Lawan said that the preparation of the 2025 budget had already been prepared for one year. But considering the events at that time, the current economic situation has changed. Therefore came to consider the appropriateness and saw that Some items of 2025 should be adjusted to reflect the current economic situation. Mr. Phonchai Teerawet, Director of the Fiscal Policy Office He added that The meeting discussed adjusting the medium-term fiscal plan. as appropriate to support the economy will have a lump sum of money in order to stimulate the economy The money will be used to stimulate the economy. In the digital wallet project or not, Mr. Phonchai said he cannot say yet. We will look at the macro level overall first. About the fiscal plan As for how much of the budget deficit there will be, we have to wait and see. Cabinet before. Source: Thai News Agency