Arrest of Chinese Beggar Prompts Investigation into Possible Human Trafficking

BANGKOK, The Minister of Social Development and Human Security Varawut Silpa-archa has ordered a thorough investigation into the case of a Chinese woman with disabilities seen begging near a popular shopping mall in the Pin Klao area.

The disabled Chinese woman who was seen with hands cut off and wounds from acid burn on her face is suspected to be a victim of an international human trafficking gang.

He said this is a delicate matter between countries. Initially, the authorities need to check how she entered the kingdom and whether she has proper documentation.

The ministry will coordinate with various relevant agencies, including immigration control, security agencies, and police to determine whether she is being exploited and coerced before deciding on the appropriate course of action, he said.

Thailand undergoes annual international assessments. He stressed that the response is swift and decisive, involving legal proceedings, police investigations, and collaboration from all relevant parties.

Beggars often choose locations with high pedestrian traffic with some reportedly making tens of thousands of baht per month.

He encouraged citizens to report any unusual or suspicious begging activities to the ministry, promising swift action by the authorities.

Source: Thai News Agency