‘Bhoomtham’ tells us not to use only rhetoric. Playing politics the old fashioned way

Government House, "Bhumitham" takes a step forward and stops biting rhetoric. Stamp someone else's brand not creative Taunted and disappointed that many of the younger generation play politics in the old style. Don't be afraid of "Thaksin". The government doesn't have to prepare to deal with it. Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Giving an interview in the case of the opposition setting the topic of general discussion according to Section 152 of the Constitution, "Who is the government for? The heart is not the people'' saying that they don't want rhetoric to be used for political work. You have to bring reality into the details. Who is the government for? The heart is not the people, the people who can answer are the people. It is not an opposition political party. The people know well who the government works for. Do we hold on to the people? I'd like to look at policies and actions. Raising issues under Section 152 is a discussion. Suggest problems to the government It is not an investigation to cause the government to have problems. Because if you want to do that, you must open a debate of no confidence according to Section 151, so please don't distort the issue. took the debate The suggestion came as an issue of discrediting the government. It's not helpful. The election still has three and a half years left, it's better to say it later. 'The days of using rhetoric to stamp someone's name are gone. then let others speak who said that we would do modern politics together They only use rhetoric to bite and bite like this. It's not creative. If you're creative, come and suggest where it doesn't serve the people. Or who is your heart for? We will cut out the heart and see together who's heart is for the people. I say let the people be the judge. Don't use rhetoric. Because it's not new politics. It's the old politics of looking for words to bite without looking at the reality. I was saddened to see many young people who looked like they were the new generation. I want to do modern politics instead. Let's talk about the reality and then have suggestions,' Mr. Phumtham said. As for the opposition case, it was stated that there were some issues that could be further developed by submitting them to the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC). Mr. Phumtham said that this could already be done. But there must be evidence. It is not presented as a political issue. Then when you get there, do you accept it or not? It's useless. You shouldn't play politics like this. What should be said clearly? will just want to use rhetoric Ritual then discredits the government It doesn't help the government or country get better. Please don't play politics in the old style. It's better to offer good opinions. 'The government just did its job. Use only the budget for now. There is no investment budget yet. This debate The government does not need to prepare anything. We only have the fact that we haven't done anything yet. New political work will have to wait until the policy statement is made. Do you work according to policy? Is there any problem? If there is something wrong, I will propose a no-confidence debate. The House will already investigate. Today I don't want to quarrel about the debate. Then come up with a new discourse, such as government for whom? The heart is not the people. If we've already argued with each other. I said what did the opposition do? Where will you go? It shouldn't be like this,' Mr. Bhumitham said. When asked to reiterate how he is prepared to deal with the case that the opposition might bring up the matter of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former prime minister, for discussion. Mr. Bhumitham said Mr. Thaksin is outside the parliament. There is no position. Don't misunderstand. I only think that when Mr. Thaksin arrives, he will be popular among the people who still believe. Affecting Pheu Thai Don't just think about winning politically. Because it is not new politics. Source: Thai News Agency