‘Big Joke’ insists on fighting according to the justice process.

Bangkok, "Big Joke" insists on fighting according to the justice process. Not worried about an arrest warrant being issued for money laundering at a gambling website As for the presentation, I still haven't talked about it. Tao Poon Metropolitan Police Station, most recently Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakphan, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Confirmed after acknowledging the allegation that he had not discussed the matter yet but confirmed that he was not concerned. Today, the accusation is still in the process. which the Thai justice system When in the accusation process As long as the court has not given the final verdict, he is considered innocent. This summons had been issued a long time ago. Today, when the court issues an arrest warrant, you have to accept it and insist on fighting through the justice process. Later he opened up to the media. Pol.Gen.Surachet Immediately got into a car and left Tao Poon Police Station. Source: Thai News Agency