Build a giant straw puppet Merit-making event at the Khao Phuek, Uttaradit Province

Uttaradit, Uttaradit holds a traditional merit-making event at the Paddy Rice Pile. Create a giant straw puppet, 5 meters tall, standing tall. Watch a competition in dropping and picking Khanom Krok with bitter clam curry. Khanom Krok Na Mor Good things from Phichai city

Father Phraya Phichai Dab Hak's birthplace, Phichai District, Uttaradit Province, all regions, 11 sub-districts, 98 villages, are united in organizing a traditional merit-making event, the Paddy Rice Pile, for the year 2023, where farmers who harvest rice bring their rice and gather it into a large pile. to make a gift of rice or worship Phra Mae Phosop To remember the virtues of rice and Phra Mae Phosop that causes crops to grow and sustain life and for good fortune Ask for abundance and good prices for rice in every season. Continuing from Phichai District It has the most rice farming area in Uttaradit Province.

But what looks amazing is the leftover agricultural materials. especially from rice fields It will be used to create a giant rice straw puppet, 5 meters high, emphasizing the unique way of life of Phichai District. To promote tourism and stimulate the creation of benefits from waste materials and organize a contest to gain the attention of the public. Tourists come to see and take photos, including elephants, buffaloes, train station officials, King Kong, fish, and Pali green chickens. or Phor Phraya Phichai Dab Hak's chicken The owner of the idea from Corum Subdistrict Administrative Organization used every part of the rice plant, seeds, and straw to create a fighting cock in the heart of a warrior. and the first place winner. Giant rice straw puppets will be set up in various sub-districts to create landmarks.

Another activity is Organizing a drop competition Hakka Khanom Krok Leela and toast giant rice crackers with the rules of "delicious, outstanding, emphasizing local identity and great style". They have their origins and can actually be used to generate income for the community. And ready to push into Soft Power, then continue with the style of toasting giant kite crackers. Which district has the biggest grilling? mellow taste Great grilling style Receive the first prize.

Source: Thai News Agency