Cabinet Approves Draft Clean Air Act

BANGKOK, The Cabinet on Tuesday approved a draft clean air act to reduce pollution.

Deputy spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office Kenika Oonjit told a press briefing that a resolution was passed to approve in principle the draft Clean Air Management Act BE ….

The meeting also acknowledged the plan to develop subordinate legislation under the aforementioned Act, as proposed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

The Clean Air Management Act BE…. is crucial as it establishes mechanisms for managing and controlling various activities that contribute to air pollution in all dimensions.

It mandates the formation of a committee to drive policy and academic initiatives, as well as spatial management.

The Act outlines measures to control pollution from various sources, including industrial plants, business establishments, agriculture, transportation, open burning, forest burning, agricultural burning, construction, and transboundary haze.

It includes measures to address local air pollution problems and incorporates economic tools or measures to support industrial sectors, businesses, and the general public in jointly participating, taking responsibility, and playing a role in controlling, reducing, and resolving air pollution problems collaboratively.

Source: Thai News Agency