The leader of Bang Pete’s gang has been arrested. Use a samurai sword to attack villagers.

Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai police arrested the leader of the Bang Pete gang. Along with two other underlings, they used samurai swords to attack villagers. Convenience store front Check the history of having been in a case before being released on bail. Without realizing it, he caused the incident again.

This clip can be recorded by a good citizen. While the gang leader was blocking Pete Along with two other underlings, they used knives to threaten people who went to exercise. to steal property Prasert Land area In the city of Chiang Mai until the victims went to report the crime Phuping Ratchaniwet Police Station Until they were able to track down and arrest the perpetrator. Know the name of Mr. Anudet or Bang Peet, 18 years old, the leader of the gang and two other youths with a knife in the middle.

background check Mr. Anudet was recently arrested for using a samurai sword to attack the victim’s motorcycle. They also used grenades to throw grenades at groups of teenagers who didn’t know each other before. in
front of a convenience store in Hang Dong District, but after the parents bailed out Still causing the same thing again. Pol. Lt. Gen. Kritthaphon Yisakorn, commander of Provincial Police Region 5, revealed that this time he opposes bail. and serious charges were filed. join together to rob

However, in the Chiang Mai area, a curfew was announced prohibiting youth under 18 years of age from leaving the house after 10:00 p.m., which youths violated. More than 50 people have been brought in for profiling. In addition, the police have a list of more than 20 youth gang groups with 200 members. If they cause a crime anywhere, they can access their homes and take them into custody immediately.

Source: Thai News Agency

Frightened by the ghost of a widow, there is a sign saying there are no men in this house.

Mukdahan, Villagers in Mukdahan Scared of the rampaging ghost ghost Put up a sign saying there are no men in this house, according to belief, after 2 months ago. More than 20 people have mysteriously died.

Villagers at Dong Luang Subdistrict, Dong Luang District, Mukdahan Province They all brought red shirts. With a sign stating that there are no men in this house. Come hang it in front of the house. After the villagers here believed that the Mae Mai ghost was on a rampage. In the Dong Luang District area This has caused the mysterious deaths of more than 20 young men in the area.

The latest case is 45 years old. The family is currently arranging a funeral at the residence. It was found that before his death on May 12th, The deceased was still plowing the field and preparing to plant rice. In the evening, go home and cook food for your parents to eat. Before going to sleep on the 2nd floor, but the next morning The mother went up and called her to come down to eat. But I didn’t wake up. and was found dead
from unknown causes. And there was also a young man in the area who died on May 11, a 21-year-old young man living at Ban Phon Daeng, Dong Luang District, who also died of unknown causes. Both men died even though they had no underlying diseases.

Mr. Phumee, village headman of Village No. 3, Dong Luang Subdistrict, revealed that villagers hung shirts in front of their houses because about 20 men had died continuously for two months, so the villagers believed that this could be prevented. Some people wear nail polish and dress as women.

Source: Thai News Agency

Escape the heat by soaking in the water, looking for shellfish, and making a delicious menu.

Kalasin, Cooling off activity Villagers in Nonburi Subdistrict Let’s go soak in the water. Collecting oysters in Lam Pao Dam Use it to make delicious menus such as oyster soup and periwinkle soup.

Hot and dry weather conditions cause villagers to find various forms of cooling off activities. As in Kalasin Villagers saw that the water volume of Lam Pao Dam was decreasing every day. Until the area under Thepsuda Bridge, Laem Non Wiset, Sahatsakhan District It formed a long sandy beach along the entire length. The villagers then came up with an idea. Let’s gather together to soak in the water to cool off. And so that going into the water is not in vain. So we went down to look for shellfish under the bridge. Because the water is not very deep

Each day, the villagers search for shellfish for 3-4 hours and get approximately 20 kg of shellfish. The shellfish that can be found include periwinkle, sand clam, horse-claw clam, and the best-priced clam is sand clam or horse-claw clam, selling for 30 baht per kilogram
. baht. As for the buyer, it was none other than a tourist who was passing by and saw a villager looking for shellfish and stopped to buy it. If he couldn’t sell it, the villagers said it was nothing. Can be used for cooking to reduce household expenses. It’s better than staying at home and turning on the air conditioner and paying more for electricity. As for the delicious menu, if you want it easy, it’s the menu “Stir-fried clams with basil”

For the area around Laem Non Wiset Part of the area of ??200 rai is an aquatic animal conservation area. It is a gathering point where many fish come to spawn. Especially during the red tide season, you will see amazing pictures of fish gathering together. while the area around Laem Non Wiset It is also a natural food source where people come to fish. Cast a fishing net all day long.

Source: Thai News Agency

Nearly 1,500 kg of drugs seized over past 2 years: customs agency

SEOUL, The customs agency said Tuesday it has seized nearly 1,500 kilograms of drugs before they entered South Korea over the past two years.

A total of 1,417 kg of drugs were seized at the border between May 2022, when President Yoon Suk Yeol took office, and last month, according to the Korea Customs Service (KCS).

The confiscated amount is enough to be used by 26 million people.

The number of drug trafficking attempts came to 1,459 during the cited period, which means that the agency caught two smuggling cases every day.

During the first four months of this year, the agency seized 184 kg of drugs, down 13 percent on-year, though the number of attempts rose 14 percent to 234.

“We’ve tightened border control, which has led to a recent fall in large-scale smuggling attempts. Our focus will also be on detecting small-scale smuggling cases,” an agency official said.

The agency has introduced advanced narcotics detection and identification equipment at major airports and customs offices nationwide.

It pl
ans to designate a new customs inspection section at Incheon International Airport, west of Seoul, in the first half of this year to conduct screening of all carry-on baggage and check the identities of passengers from major illegal drug producing and transit nations.

The agency will enhance international cooperation against drug trafficking with major nations through information sharing and joint crackdowns.

In 2023, Thailand topped the list by accounting for 24 percent of the total volume seized, or 187 kg, followed by the United States with 20 percent, Germany with 12 percent and Laos with 9 percent, government data showed.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

‘Debt Clinic by SAM’ closes Q1 beautifully, encouraging Thai people to join together to help the nation reduce household debt.

‘Debt Clinic by SAM’ closes Q1 beautifully, encouraging Thai people to join together to help the nation reduce household debt. Driving the number of applications in the first quarter to surge. Emphasizing in response to government policy to help debtors, maintain low interest rates of 3-5%, installments up to 10 years, confident that by the end of 2024 the target will be surpassed by 55,000 accounts.

Ms. Nartnaree Rattapat, Managing Director of Sukhumvit Asset Management Co., Ltd. (BAMC) or SAM, revealed that the first quarter performance of 2024 of the “Debt Clinic Project by SAM” was satisfactory compared to the previous period. same as last year It was found that there were a total of 20,267 applicants submitting applications to join the project, or an increase of 43 percent. The number of people who passed the qualifications and are awaiting verification documents totaled 14,311, or an increase of 58 percent compared to the previous period. same as last year In the first quarter of 2024, there were 7,14
5 people or 19,757 accounts who gradually signed debt restructuring contracts, an increase of 2.3 times, representing a total principal debt of 1,616 million baht.

Currently, the ‘Debt Clinic Project by SAM’ has approximately 46,720 customers under debt restructuring contracts under management, accounting for 129,950 accounts, with a total debt burden of 9,460 million baht of outstanding principal, with an average of 202,440 baht of outstanding principal per contract. The debt burden of most project participants is in the range of 50,000 – 200,000 baht and belongs to Gen Y and Gen 2,470 baht with an average repayment period of 92 months.

In addition, the “Debt Clinic Project by SAM” found that the proportion of debtors who participated in the project before they had yet been prosecuted increased. It is expected that the problem of personal debt is starting to affect people’s lives and is a close issue. Therefore, they want to solve the debt problem faster. Including cooperation from many sectors that help c
reate awareness and understanding about the debt clinic project. As a result, people are becoming more aware and interested in resolving debt problems through debt restructuring.

success of The said ‘Debt Clinic Project by SAM’ is the result of cooperation between the Bank of Thailand (BoT) and various financial institutions. There are more than 32 participating places in the project to adjust the new qualification criteria for customers with bad debt status (NPL), credit cards, cash cards and unsecured personal loans. Overdue for more than 120 days (according to the credit bureau report in the current month, the status is overdue from 121-150 days or more) to be able to join the debt clinic project immediately. Effective from May 1, 2023, from the past having to specify the period of bad debt in each period, resulting in the “Debt Clinic Project by SAM” being able to help those who are in bad debt. and those who want to solve bad debt problems more quickly Including installment payment conditions and low in
terest rates. Including a long repayment period of up to 10 years, making solving debt problems more feasible. Meanwhile, people themselves are becoming more aware and turning to paying more attention to solving their own debts. It is considered that these factors are an important part that helps promote the resolution of Thai people’s household debt problem quickly and results in an increase in the number of people interested in applying to join the project. By 2024, it is expected that the number of customers will increase. Debt structure with the project Not less than 55,000 accounts

Miss Narthanaree Added that since the “Debt Clinic Project by SAM” began operations in June 2017 to March 31, 2024, it has helped Thai people and many lives in each household get rid of debt. able to stand up Returning to continue living life and business There are 2,047 customers or 5,037 accounts, representing a total of 288 million baht in principal debt according to the contract, or 3.35 percent of which the majority of c
ustomers were able to complete their installment payments before the deadline. Promise time This is SAM’s main policy in giving opportunities to customers. Summary of the amount of money received from customers in the ‘Debt Clinic Project by SAM’ throughout the 7 years since the start of operations. The total amount is as high as 2,700 million baht. It is considered that the “Debt Clinic Project by SAM” is one of the important tools for resolving household debt problems and reducing the amount of bad debt in the financial institution system in the country. Including helping, rehabilitating, and caring for Thai people with debt problems to get back on their feet firmly. Get strong as soon as possible which is part of driving the overall economy of the country

However, it is a pity that some customers have to leave the project before the end of their contract period. Due to default on debt payment, therefore “Debt Clinic Project by SAM” would like to inform customers that If you find yourself starting to have
problems paying installments and it is likely that they will not be able to comply with the conditions of the project, please quickly contact the project to find an appropriate solution.

‘Debt Clinic Project by SAM’ provides assistance to debtors with bad credit card debt. Cash cards and unsecured personal loans There is overdue debt for more than 120 days with a lenient interest rate of only 3-5 percent per year and a maximum repayment period of up to 10 years. There are 3 debt restructuring options: 1. Installments not exceeding 4 years, interest rate 3 percent per year 2. Installments for more than 4 years, not more than 7 years, interest rate 4 percent per year 3. Installments for more than 7 years, not more than 10 years, interest rate 5 percent per year, with the qualifications of the applicant. That is, being a natural person with income Not more than 70 years of age with total debt not exceeding 2 million baht

‘Debt Clinic Project by SAM’ is open every day from 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. on the 4th floor
of The Avenue Ratchayothin Shopping Center (Glass Elevator Zone), Phahon Yothin Road, Chatuchak District, Bangkok (BTS Ratchayothin Station). Or apply to join the project through online channels, including the website or add Line @debtclinicbysam and Facebook Debt Clinic by SAM or contact for details at Call Center 1443 .

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Top court says defamation of military superiors for public interest not punishable

SEOUL, The Supreme Court has upheld a lower court verdict saying defamation of a superior officer under the Military Criminal Act cannot be punishable if the act was done for public interest, judicial officials said Tuesday.

In the ruling made on April 16, the top court confirmed an appellate court’s acquittal of a civilian military employee, who was indicted in March 2023 for defaming his superior in a comment in a news article alleging that the head of a military forensic team may have ignored the possibility of incorrect nationality determination for a British soldier’s remains.

The military prosecution charged the employee with defamation of his superior, and the military court sentenced him to six months in prison, though the court suspended the sentence for one year.

But the court of appeals overturned the ruling and acquitted the employee, saying the defendant’s act of writing the comment is perceived as intended for the public interest.

The Criminal Act’s Article 310 stipulates that if the facts
alleged in a defamation case are true and solely for the public interest, the act shall not be punishable. There is no such provision in the Military Criminal Act, but the appellate court determined that Article 310 can be applied to the military law. The court said the remains excavation project is a national project and a matter of public interest.

The Supreme Court then approved the ruling.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

The Thai capital market in the second half of the year began to have good momentum. Investors gradually returned.

Bangkok, Directors and Managers The Stock Exchange of Thailand emphasizes the Thai capital market. The second half of the year began to show good momentum. Investors gradually returned.

Dr. Phakorn Pidthawatchai, Director and Manager The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) mentioned the trend of the Thai capital market in the second half of the year that the Thai capital market is starting to have good momentum. As a result, both domestic and foreign investors began to regain confidence. Investment money from abroad has begun to flow back in. Even though the economy in the country has not been very good lately. However, in the past when there were LTF funds, it was found that there was an inflow of 50-60 billion baht per year, even though there was not much trading each day because it was a long-term investment. However, it helps to increase the proportion of retail investors and institutional investors.

But it’s important to continue following. is a measure that will encourage more institutional investors in
the country From now on, the proportion of domestic institutional and retail investors has been steadily decreasing. It must be controlled to create a balance among all 3 main groups of investors: retail investors in the country. Domestic institutional investors and foreign institutional investors.

Source: Thai News Agency

Unable to clear the third hand, unable to fight, nearly bit off an ear.

Chonburi, Negotiating the issue of an affair doesn’t work out. In the end, they fought each other in a dogfight. Ended up getting injured. He was bitten and nearly lost his ear. Police investigate the incident because the injured person made the other party’s wife pregnant.

Two groups of teenagers meet to negotiate. In the end, they couldn’t talk, three people on one side, two people on the other, fighting with each other, punching each other, taking beer bottles, smacking sharks in the mouths and stabbing each other. Finally, there is a condition where everyone is seen injured. Both wounds all over the body by one person who is an important party He was bitten and nearly lost his ear. Rescuers took him to the hospital.

The parties revealed another side of the facts, saying that the day of the incident was Three teenagers came, all friends. One of them has a husband. where the victim’s ear was bitten Secretly having an affair with the wife who was already married to Mr. Sophon, who had her ear bitten off. S
ecretly dating and then having an affair with his wife until she became pregnant. Therefore an appointment was made and we agreed to talk. In the clip, there are 2 people on one side and 3 people on the other side and there is an argument before they punch each other. In the end, the perpetrator could not fight, so he bit Mr. Sophon’s ear. and there were injured He was stabbed with more than 20 stitches from a shark’s mouth bottle. Another red shirt that came with him was the one who stopped him.

As for the legal matter, now the investigating officer Muang Chonburi Police Station There will be an appointment for both of them to be questioned according to the available evidence in order to proceed with legal proceedings.

Source: Thai News Agency