Confident that all ministers are ready to explain the discussion 152

Ministry of Interior, "Anutin" praises the quality of the opposition. But I am confident that every minister is ready to explain the discussion of Section 152, insisting that the government works for the people. I didn't do it for myself. Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Discussing the case of the opposition coalition preparing to debate the government under Section 152, naming the topic " 'Who is the government for? The people have nothing to gain,' saying that it is not right to have the opposition cheer the government. but confirmed that the government There are no words to do anything for yourself. In addition to doing it for the people The government can exist or not, it is up to the people whether they want it to exist or not. If we don't work for the people He still doesn't see any government that will survive. Mainly considering the benefits and not thinking of the people When asked whether he thought the opposition would have information that would reduce the government's credibility or not, The Minister of Interior said that this opposition group is considered a quality opposition group. Especially the Progressive Party There are personnel who can find information to discuss with the public. But on the part of the government You must prepare information to refute if there are any inaccuracies. Working if there is transparency, there are no hidden agendas. The government is ready to explain to the people every matter. 'The previous government I am the Minister of Public Health. The opposition did a good job of finding information to discuss, such as expired vaccines. The quality of the vaccine is not up to standard. We defended and made the people aware of what the government was doing at that time. There was appropriateness and understanding. When voting, the government passed the resolution and gained the trust of the people's representatives. It is a rule that we must adhere to,' Mr. Anutin said. The Minister of Interior said that all ministers are fully prep ared to explain all issues. If the opposition debates, who is it referring to? The minister will answer in terms of policy. As for details, there will be ministry executives available to explain. But the main explainer is the minister. This will allow the public to know the details. feel comfortable The government has nothing to hide. Source: Thai News Agency