Confirming that the RTA denies involvement in the behavior of “Jeng Dokjik-Pimmanattha”

Bangkok, "Ekanat" confirms that the RTA is not involved in the actions of "Jeng Dokjik-Pimanattha" and orders the immediate cancellation of the appointment of "Pimanattha" as for "Jeng" Has been removed since December 2023. Mr. Ekanat Promphan, secretary-general of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party, posted via Jinaputtipak As shown on various media: The party is not involved in any way. with the alleged behavior Please consider following the justice process. He has the right to prove his innocence. In the case where there is an appointment of Mr. Jeng to be a member of the working group. It has been canceled since December 2023. Ms. Pimanatha's part was canceled as soon as she heard the news. In the case where any member to commit a crime There is clear evidence. Executive Committee will be expelled from membership according to regulations This case will be brought for consideration in the next executive committee meeting. Source: Thai News Agency