DSI explains the Criminal Court’s decision to dismiss the FOREX-3D case.

DSI clarifies that the Criminal Court’s decision to dismiss the FOREX-3D case is a different case than the one DSI investigated. The Director of the DSI Informal Financial Business Case Division has assigned officials to request a copy of the verdict for review.

As a result of today (March 20), news has appeared on various social media. that the criminal court has issued a judgment In the black case number A. 989/2566 for the offense of fraudulent sharing of FOREX-3D with a capital of 5 million baht, the court acquitted Ms. Suteewan or Baitoey, the defendant in that case. Department of Special Investigation by the Informal Financial Business Litigation Division Preliminary investigation found that The said case is about the people who were victims of the FOREX-3D share being the plaintiffs who filed a lawsuit. Ms. Sutheewan or Baitoey must be taken directly to the Criminal Court, which can be done according to law. And it is a different case from the case that the Department of Special Investigation investi
gated. As for the Department of Special Investigation, It is a criminal proceeding based on the advice of the prosecutor. It is a special case number 273/2022, which has a total of 16 suspects, including Ms. Suteewan. There is a damage value in the case of 2,489 million baht. From the examination of the information, it is found that Public Prosecutor, Office of

Special Cases, Office of the Attorney General A case has been filed against the accused in the Criminal Court. It is a black case number Aor.1227/2566. The case is in the process of making an appointment to examine witnesses.

However, even the cases filed by the victims themselves are not yet final. Because it is a judgment of the Court of First Instance, Police Lieutenant Colonel Waranan Srilam, Director of the Informal Financial Business Cases Division. He gave orders to the case administration section. Informal Financial Business Litigation Division Coordinate requests a copy of the judgment in the said case to be examined as well.

Source: Thai
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