Entrepreneurs request DSI to investigate rice inspections in rice pledging project

DSI, Thai local party MPs along with warehouse operators for storing rice etc. Request the DSI to investigate the rice inspection process in the rice pledging project, which is unfair, leading to billions in damages being sued. At the Department of Special Investigation (DSI), Mr. Bancha Dejcharoensirikul List of MPs and local Thai party leaders Leading a group of warehouse operators storing rice according to the paddy pledging project for the production year 2013/14 to submit a letter to Police Lieutenant Colonel Yutthana Praedum, Acting Director-General of the DSI. Ask DSI to examine the rice inspection process in the government's rice pledging program. NCPO that makes treasury operators Troubled and damaged over a billion baht from storing rice according to the contract and still being sued, both civil and criminal, totaling almost 2,000 cases. In the storage of rice The Warehouse Organization and/or the Farmers Market Organization entered into a rice storage contract with the rice storage operator for t he rice pledging project for the production year 2013/14, but later the rice quality was inspected. Collection of rice samples by order of the NCPO to appoint 100 committees and set new rules to inspect rice. Collect rice samples came up to replace the announcement of the Ministry of Commerce regarding rice product standards. By the rice storage contract Previously, it was specified to use only the announcement of the Ministry of Commerce regarding rice product standards. Individuals who come to inspect rice Collecting rice samples according to the orders of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) is not a qualified official with no direct authority. and had no experience in collecting rice samples to check rice quality. As a result, damage from incorrect inspection of rice has resulted in lawsuits being filed in administrative courts throughout the country. which includes judgments for rice storage operators etc. Lost the case and won the case The group saw that there were many victims in this case. and there are many government officials involved. There is complexity in both the procedures and methods for issuing orders and actions by government officials. Therefore wants the DSI to come and investigate. Mr. Bancha said that the rice warehouse operators also saw that the rice grading of the said 100 inspection committees was unfair. Out of 18 million tons of rice, only 6 million tons were graded as A/B grades, with the remaining more than 10 million tons. Millions of tons are sold as animal feed. causing a great deal of damage Today we also brought rice from 2014 that passed the inspection to give to DSI. It's still good rice. The pills were in good condition at the Treasury in Surin Province, where Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, went to inspect. There are still hundreds of thousands of bags. DSI can go investigate. By filing this complaint, a group of treasury operators Confirming that it is not about whether or not Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra will return to Thai land, former prime minister. The Acting Director-General of the DSI said that after the DSI receives the request, it will investigate whether there are any matters that are considered criminal offenses. And is it within the authority of the DSI or not? If admitted as a special case In this case, the petitioner wishes to examine the rice inspection process that may not have been fair. If it is a matter involving government officials, it must be submitted. NACC next. Source: Thai News Agency