Investigate the fire incident on a scuba diving tour boat in the middle of Thap Lamu Canal, Phang Nga Province.

Phang Nga, Director of the Phang Nga Regional Harbor Office Investigate fire incident on scuba diving tour boat While mooring the boat in the middle of Thap Lamu Canal, Lam Kaen Subdistrict, Thai Mueang District, it was found that it had just arrived to drop tourists off at the pier. But no one was injured or killed. Reporters reported that From the incident at approximately 6:00 p.m. today (April 2), an Andaman Sea tour boat exploded until the entire boat caught fire in the middle of the canal at Ban Thap Lamu Pier, Lam Kaen Subdistrict, Thai Mueang District, Phang Nga Province, and Receive help from the Lam Kaen Subdistrict Municipality Fire Department. and fire boats at Phang Nga Naval Base The fire was under control. It took about 1 hour, but no one was injured or killed. Most recently, Second Lieutenant Kittipoom Samiklang, director of the Phang Nga branch of the Regional Harbor Office. Officers were brought in to investigate and found that the passenger boat was providing scuba diving services to tou rists. Boat name Sea World 1, boat registration number 475300314, size 58.78 gross tons, boat license expires on February 1, 2025, boat owner company name A-One-Diving Co., Ltd. had a fire while moored at the Thap Lamu pier. After sending tourists to shore There were four sailors in the boat at the time of the incident and flames were coming from the engine room. before spreading and burning the entire ship The four crew members then jumped into the water and fled safely to shore. The fire was later extinguished and the boat sank at the scene. There were no injuries or deaths at all. which the Harbor Office An order was given to salvage the ship and invite the seafarers who were on the ship at the time of the incident to come and record their statements in order to find out the real cause. Mr. Manit Bunmeesri, a villager who witnessed the incident, said that at around 6 p.m. he saw this boat which was a scuba diving tour boat. Come to dock to drop off tourists at Thap Lamu Pier. Then back the boat out into the middle of Thap Lamu Canal. Then a fire broke out in the engine room. About 4-5 people in the boat tried to extinguish the fire, but the fire burned so quickly that they couldn't put it out in time. The boatman then jumped into the water and swam up to shore. and saw a Phang Nga Naval Base ship go in to spray water to extract Before the ship moved towards the pier where several ships were moored. Causing the hurry to move the ship together with fear. Before the boat was towed near the pier, Lam Kaen Subdistrict Municipality fire trucks were able to spray it. It was discovered that a fire had damaged the entire boat until it sank in the canal. It was considered fortunate that the tourists had already disembarked from the boat. and the ship's crew jumped into the water to escape in time. The cause is believed to be a short circuit in the engine room. Similar to an event that had happened once before. Source: Thai News Agency