It’s back open. Dan Singkhon Border Community Market

Prachuap Khiri Khan, Opening of the Dan Sinkhon border community market. Stimulate the economy in the area Prachuap Khiri Khan

Come back lively again with the opening of the Dan Singkhon border community market Stimulate the economy in the area Supports tourists during festivals After this market was closed during the COVID-19 outbreak situation.

at the dome building area Thai-Myanmar Government Coordination Center, Village No. 6, Khum Rai Krao, Ban Dan Singkhon, Khlong Wan Subdistrict, Mueang District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Mr. Wittaya Khieo Rod, Prachuap Khiri Khan District Chief Presided over the opening ceremony of the Dan Singkhon border community market. Officially, with Mrs. Sukon Sukanukroh President of OTOP Network, Mueang Prachuap District There is a head of government agency. Phatthanakan District Administrative officer including provincial police officers Border Patrol Police (Border Patrol Police), Immigration Police (Immigration), Khlong Wan Subdistrict Administrative Organization Mayor, Village Headman and local agencies participating

Dan Singkhon Border Community Market Held regularly every Saturday and Sunday for 2 days from 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. with OTOP products, food items, souvenirs, agricultural products, dried seafood products. Including wooden furniture Various types of orchids, products and products From the side of Myanmar Sacred objects, antique items Clothes with various local patterns that villagers in both Thailand and Myanmar bring to sell, etc.

Mr. Wittaya Kheawrod, Prachuap Khiri Khan District Chief, said that the opening of the market this time is to create jobs, create careers, create income, promote trade, border tourism, and stimulate the economy for people in the area. In addition, to accommodate tourists who come to visit during various festivals. Including those who drive through Prachuap Khiri Khan province. We stopped by to visit and buy souvenirs. After this Singkhon border trade market was closed during the COVID-19 outbreak situation. And at present, the Thai side has opened a border checkpoint. But listening to neighboring countries, Myanmar has not yet opened a checkpoint for people to travel in and out. Because the border situation in Myanmar is still not peaceful. Therefore, the majority of merchants who come to sell products in this market area are Thai people. And there are Myanmar people who have come to stay on the Thai side legally. and did not return to the country after the border checkpoint was closed and brought products to sell as well It is expected that from now on the border trade conditions in this area will likely progressively improve. This will create millions of baht in circulation in the area.

A Myanmar vendor reveals that her husband is Thai. I have family on the Thai side. Have a passport allowing you to stay in Thailand Came to sell products at this area since the beginning of the new market opening. And later the COVID-19 situation occurred. I still open the shop as usual. Because he had to sleep on the Thai side because he was unable to return to Myanmar because the border checkpoint was closed. As for the various products being sold, they are brought from Ranong Province, Three Pagodas Pass, and Ratchaburi Province, etc. After the market opens today, there will be Myanmar friends from Mahachai. Will bring products to sell. It will bring products received from Ranong Province, Ratchaburi Province, and the Three Pagodas Checkpoint. Come join in selling at this market. Agricultural crops on the Myanmar side cannot be brought across the border to sell. Because the Singkhon checkpoint is still closed. Instead, there will be agricultural products that Myanmar people grow on the Thai side to sell instead.

Source: Thai News Agency