Measures to “exempt” the production of electricity from Solar Rooftop, no need to request a license.

House, "Rudklao" reveals progress on measures to "exempt" electricity production from Solar Rooftop from requiring a license. Mrs. Radklao Inthawong Suwankiri, Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office, revealed that the government, through the Ministry of Industry Move forward with unlocking Help citizens and entrepreneurs find clean energy on their own. Accelerate progress in studying and supporting the use of alternative energy. including solar, wind and water energy for sustainable energy security Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office Mentioned the progress of measures for installing electrical energy production systems from solar energy installed on the roof (Solar Rooftop), which is currently attracting great interest from industrial operators, the business sector, and the public sector. The Department of Industrial Works has proposed issuing an announcement to "exempt" the production of electricity from solar rooftops installed in homes, buildings, and establishments. and gov ernment offices Those with an electrical generating capacity of not more than 1 megawatt do not need to apply for a license called "Rong. 4" according to the Industrial Factories Act, B.E. 2535, because nowadays? Technology has become more advanced. With solar cell production technology developing rapidly. together with the Green Energy Policy (UGT) to promote the production of clean energy with standards. Such measures will help increase choice for users. and supports the procurement of sufficient amounts of green electricity. Responding to the economic growth of the country including creating access to clean energy Expand investment opportunities and increasing the competitiveness of Thai entrepreneurs as well 'Unlocking such things is considered dismantling, reducing, releasing, creating, solving problems, reducing steps and obstacles. Create opportunities for people to have access to clean energy. Encourage entrepreneurs to access energy at affordable prices. The government is not only concerned with th e procurement of clean energy. But still looking far There is a plan to take care of it from the installation process, maintenance until the end of its use. that has prepared measures to manage waste and toxic waste This means the safety of the operator. Including the safety of the community and people,' Mrs. Radklao said. Source: Thai News Agency