Not afraid that “Senator Upakit” will sue back, pointing out that he hopes to use court mechanisms to silence him.

Parliament, "Rangsiman" is not afraid that "Senator Upakit" will sue for 20 million baht, indicating that he hopes to use the court's mechanism to silence the former police commander's involvement in protecting the senator, calling it a case that proves the law of the country. Is it conducive to those in power?

Mr. Rangsiman Rome, party list MP, Kaew Klai Party, as chairman of the State Security Commission. Thai border affairs National Strategy and National Reform Referring to the case of Mr. Upakit Pajariyangkun, Senator, related to drugs. and international criminals that it has been explained by the Narcotics Control Board (NACC) that the current step is only to investigate Mr. Upakit's assets. What part comes from drug trafficking? It is expected that next week there will be a report for the public. But personally, I think The seizure of assets is very slow. Compared to other cases, while the Anti-Money Laundering Commission (AMLO) has not yet reported on the steps from the relevant agencies. After reporting charges of transnational crimes against the said senator, AMLO and ONCB should work together.

“This case will prove that Can our country's laws be applied to those who hold important positions in the country? Especially during this period, not being in session of the House of Representatives. There are no special rights to protect that person, whether they are MPs or Senators. Therefore, relevant agencies must do their duty. The police have filed charges today against Senator Upakit, who is considered a suspect in a drug trafficking conspiracy case. has come to acknowledge the allegation Next is the process of ordering a lawsuit. It was learned that in early December there would be further legal proceedings. But this step must be with the prosecutor. Through the committee It cannot be interfered with,” Mr. Rangsiman said.

As for Mr. Upakit suing Mr. Rangsiman Asking for additional damages of 20 million baht Mr. Rangsiman believes that he intends to request temporary protection from the court. and wanted him not to talk about this matter again So far, the court has not ordered anything.

“I myself, as an MP, have a duty to monitor and inspect the enforcement of the law to ensure equality. But if the court mechanism is used to prevent him from being able to continue performing his duties, other parties that have duties will have to reconsider. In the end, you may also have legal obligations as well,” Mr. Rangsiman said.

Mr. Rangsiman also said that those who provide assistance to Senator Upakit in various forms Whether it's a judge It is likely that a committee will be set up to investigate serious disciplinary matters, including 12 police officers whose names I already know. There is a person who is a former commander of the Royal Thai Police. was one of the people that the Inspector General of Police pointed out And there may be a further committee to investigate.

Source: Thai News Agency