Report on the arrest of “Legendary Aunt Brio” and her son for attacking and stealing an iPhone.

Nonthaburi,, Mother of young child reported to be arrested. "Legendary Aunt Brio" and her son attacked and assaulted her in front of a house in the Bang Bua Thong area of Nonthaburi Province before stealing an iPhone.

From the CCTV footage, it can be seen that a young woman in a white shirt The next thing I learned was that Miss Nadir was being attacked by a man in a gray shirt who was Aunt Brio's child. Harassed him by picking at his hair and using his nails to dig into his face. Before the man who committed the crime picked up the injured person's phone and handed it to Auntie Brio. At that time, Aunt Brio was recording a video clip. After Aunt Brio got the injured person's phone, she rushed into the house. Then he came out to help his son pinch the injured man's hair. before running back into the house again The injured person went to retrieve the mobile phone.

After the incident, the victim, Ms. Nadir, filed a report with the police. There is CCTV footage as evidence in the legal proceedings against the other party. Then he complained to reporters asking for fairness. Reporters went to the area where the incident occurred and found that the houses of the two parties were semi-detached houses. One wall of the house is next to each other. The location of the incident was in front of the house and found Ms. Nadir, the victim, and her boyfriend.

Ms. Nadir said that on December 1st, After taking my 1-month-old son home from the doctor's appointment, he sat at the stone table in front of the house. The boyfriend isn't at home. Go outside and work on your car. At that time, Auntie Brio's son, who had caused the crime, walked around in front of the house to look around, so she asked why she had come. The perpetrator said he came to collect leaves. So he told the perpetrator that he didn't like other people coming to his house. The perpetrator immediately cursed himself with vulgar words. Then bring out your phone and take a video. So he walked out in front of the house. Take out your phone and go live and see this mother and daughter talking like this. I beg the reporters and police to come and take a look. But the perpetrator turned out to be a very nice person. So he tried to walk to his mother. But the perpetrator prevented it by kicking and clawing at his head. So he clawed his head back. Then he dragged himself to the front of his house so that the CCTV camera could capture the image. As for his mother, Aunt Brio, she tried to film a clip. As for the perpetrator, he came and took his phone and gave it to his mother to keep in the house. His child also pecks his eyes and face with his hands. Then his mother ran out and asked her to release her child. So they agreed to let go and dispersed into the house.

Ms. Nadir's boyfriend said that when he returned home he found that the other party was about to drive away from the house. But as he was about to close the car door He then went in and asked why he had come to attack his girlfriend. The perpetrator jumped and kicked himself. As for his mother, he stood there cursing himself with vulgar words. along with recording a clip During that time, he brushed off his phone and didn't let him take the photo. Because he already has evidence At that time, the perpetrator took the car keys in his hand and punched him in the face. So he grabbed the key and held it. But when the police arrived, the perpetrator said he had stolen his keys. Normally, his house and Aunt Brio's house have problems almost every day. who had lived in this house for 10 years before the two mothers and children were very annoyed with him. I called the police to come look, but they couldn't do anything. I want various agencies Came down to help but no one came down yet. I fear that the situation will become more serious than this.

In this regard, the reporter tried to contact and inquire about the legendary Auntie Brio. By pressing the bell to call It appears that Aunt Brio did not come out to provide information. Instead, he stood on the balcony of the house and shouted down to ask why. and he is no one's neighbor Said that if the media publishes distorted news, he is ready to prosecute. Then pictures were taken of reporters and the wounded. Without opening the door and not giving any information.

As for the villagers who were present at the incident, they said that these two houses usually have quarrels every day. Police, the Damrongdham Center, and the Prime Minister's Office have also come in, but nothing happened. Journalists who come to report news will be sued for clinging to the fence of their house. This house is famous. It's been on every TV channel. The Subdistrict Administrative Organization and the District Chief have been harshly scolded. Personally, I want him to move away from here. But I've been waiting for many years.

As for "Legendary Auntie Brio" who many people know about her reputation for creating heroic deeds on the roads in the Bang Bua Thong District, Sai Noi District, Nonthaburi Province, which has been shared on social media many times since 2018, including driving a car. Front brakes suddenly, honks the horn for a long time and curses with vulgar words, until the legend of "Auntie Brio, a blue sedan, drives hot-headed all over Nonthaburi"

.Source: Thai News Agency