Senate accepts the principle of “equal marriage” and sets up a committee for further education.

Parliament, Senate accepts principles. "Equal Marriage" sets up a committee for further education. "Senator Seri" is pleased, pointing out that it is time to accept the truth, while "Senator Sanit" wants it to take effect immediately. The Senate meeting today (April 2), which is the last meeting of this session. Before the session closed on April 9, General Singsuek Singprai, 1st Vice President of the Senate, chaired the meeting and considered the draft amendment bill. Additions to the Civil and Commercial Code or equal marriage After the House of Representatives Consideration is finished. and forward it to the Senate for further consideration within 60 days from March 29, which is the day the House of Representatives sent it. The majority of senators agreed with the draft law by Mr. Wanchai Sonsiri as the Religious Affairs Commission. morality and ethics Arts and Culture, Senate, which considers parallel Discussion: It is noted that There are only a handful of countries that have equal marriage laws in th is way. And in Muslim countries this law is not adopted because it is a sensitive matter. Therefore, it should be carefully considered. Importantly, this draft law It guarantees the right to form a multi-gender family. However, this law does not force prohibition of doing so. But it is an opportunity to exercise rights that can be achieved. Therefore, if you see that it is against religious teachings You don't have to go and do it. Mr. Wanchai said that when considering the moral impact on society, such as the problem of human trafficking. sexual harassment Illegal surrogacy and restrictions on participation in religious activities. The Commission therefore noted that Religious issues should create awareness among those practicing monotheistic religions. To accept the founding of a family Relevant religious organizations should play a role in creating correct perception among the public. As well as being an organization that finds solutions to issues that lead to change in values. It should also act to preve nt or settle disputes between people living together in society in the future. As for cultural issues, social or policy measures should be taken. To support the enforcement of such laws to facilitate the creation of new types of families, such as setting policies to promote relationships between same-sex married couples. or those who have transgender characteristics Including the relationship between parents and children. Mr. Seri Suwanphanon discussed that regarding equality, it can be seen that we have always tried to demand it. It can be seen that it has been enshrined in many constitutions and is gradually evolving, but gender issues are not much accepted in the real world. Even if we meet people close to us that we have always met 'I have met since high school. I have friends who are juniors at my school, which is a boys' school. There are these fellow students who behave in a different gender. At first, it may seem strange. But with the passage of time We can see that society has become more accepting . At first I had to hide it and secretly, but as society became more accepting. It is clear,' Mr. Seri said. Mr. Seri emphasized that sex is something that we reject and cannot avoid. Nowadays the world is developing. It's a strange thing. Nature created women and men. But nature itself made men and women. or female to male Then the number of people increased 'I think it's time we accept the truth about these things. It's just how do we make him live in today's society? I can accept that this law was passed by the House of Representatives. There is a public sector proposing these laws. Show that the people want We probably won't make decisions or consider trends. But it must be considered according to reason,' said Mr. Seri. Mr. Seri further said that if the law is enforced We have to see the other side too. Let them live together It's not a fleeting emotion. We gave each other the opportunity to get married and register, but after only a short while they broke up. It has become a social problem. Therefore , we must help each other solve this problem, for example, before registering a marriage. Can we live together before 6 months? When the conditions are met Let's register. 'I probably can't avoid it. We must accept the reality that in today's world society it is necessary for people of the same sex to live together, be engaged, get married, and regarding property between husband and wife or between individuals, if they divorce, what will the results be? I studied law I am a lawyer. Therefore, inheritance law is all interconnected. Therefore, we should not think that this law is a victory. We have to think beyond that,' Mr. Seri said. While Police Lieutenant General Sanit Mahathaworn discussed that the suffering of the people is our business. This matter requires sympathy for LGB brothers and sisters. I want the commissioner to adjust the age for marriage to 20 years to prevent social problems that will follow, such as sexual harassment. And I want this law to take effect immediately. There is no need to wai t 180 days because There are quite a few people. Who are waiting for this law to use this law as soon as possible. Other laws related that must be corrected accordingly Thinking that it's not a big deal, such as changing forms in the bureaucracy, etc. Representatives of the public sector proponent of law Said that as a young ladyboy, I would like to thank the Senator for appreciating it. see dignity and the well-being of the LGBTQI+ group, this will create a new chapter in history To give permission gender fairness It is important to the aspirations of LGBTQI+ people. It is believed that all mankind will see that Giving us permission really breathes life into us. In the end, the meeting passed a resolution of 147 approval, 4 disapproval, and 7 abstentions from 158 members. After this, a special committee will be set up to study 27 people, with amendments scheduled within 7 days. Source: Thai News Agency