“Suthin” visits military conscripts on the first day

Bangkok, "Suthin" visits military conscripts on the first day. Explain the benefits of being a soldier. It is believed that someone intentionally spread the news to make Thai men not want to be screened. Pram asked him to stop and think about national interests. Mr. Suthin Khlangsaeng, Minister of Defense Inspected the selection of military personnel to enter the military service for the year 2024 at the 1st Communications Battalion, Sathon District. There were 85 military personnel who applied to report today, 38 people were deferred, 1 person was avoided, and 15 people were 21 years of age. There are 26 people aged 22-29 years, 5 people absent from last year and 1 person who has volunteered. The total needs are 4 Army officers and 4 Navy officers. By when Mr. Suthin Arrived and saluted the national flag with the soldiers. And those who came to be selected at 7:20 a.m., where there was a recording of the national flag saluting as at 8:00 a.m., also came to open during that time. Mr. Suthin told those tak ing the selection examination today that it is an important opportunity for Thai men. This is because some countries do not draw lots for selection. In many countries, women are required to join the military immediately upon reaching the age of majority, such as South Korea. And in some countries, even women are required to join the military, such as Israel, while in Thailand Men do not have to all be soldiers. By using the method of drawing lots as necessary. Therefore, being a Thai man has the opportunity to have very high freedom. But you must have responsibility towards the country. Because it is necessary to maintain stability He understands that many people who come to be selected are worried about many things, such as being afraid that if they receive a black or red card they will have to become soldiers. Must lose the opportunity Didn't continue studying or have to leave work Or life will be difficult There is no one to take care of the parents. Some people are afraid that the trainer will train them harshly. In an unorthodox way Therefore, I would like to inform everyone that This year, the new government and himself, who is the Minister of Defense have taken this into account Therefore, many selection changes were made. In order to prevent those entering the military service Had to lose various rights and gain more rights. Anyone who is already studying will be able to continue studying. By notifying your intention at the unit. Because the Defense Department has already signed an MOU with the Ministry of Education. which the Ministry of Education Happy to arrange education for the unit. and adjust the time to study after training Therefore, nowadays education can be studied in many systems. and at every level Confirm that you will definitely not lose your study rights. There is also the matter of career. There are also private companies open for employment after completing military service. Mr. Suthin further emphasized that men must have experiences that are both light and dark. If it's only light it will be weak. Men have to be vicious from time to time. Therefore, military training will have stages to make them strong, strong, enduring, tough, and tough. Therefore, the training system will be both strong and light, but if it goes unnoticed, There are very few cases of coercion and violence. What is in the news is that there are people who do it intentionally. But accept that some parts may be true. 'From now on, we will be strictly strict. Ensure that there is no unconventional punishment. But only according to regulations In the future, there will be an online center for making complaints. Who is being bullied? was punished outside the rules You can make a complaint online. Please don't worry. Ready to confirm the selection process is transparent in every step. Anyone who sees a process that is not transparent or unfair should make a claim immediately,' Mr. Suthin said. However, on the occasion that today is the first day Regarding the selection of military personnel, Mr. Suthin took the opportunity to come and see the order. To give confidence to youth and parents Today we saw the selection process. which includes human witnesses, clear systems, regulations, and procedures Therefore, I would like everyone to feel comfortable that The military selection process is trustworthy and reliable, and many people will probably get clearer, more accurate information. And there should be more volunteers too. As for the matter that still concerns me is the feeling of a child who is still confused Because while he was trying to explain and understand the value of being a soldier There is still another side. or many parties that try to diminish the value of being a soldier The data has both positive and negative currents. May confuse children 'I request and submit to the process that is causing the children to be distracted. or trying to make children not apply I don't want to be a soldier. He viewed it as an idea that was not beneficial to the country. Even if it is beneficial to yourself It's not beneficial in the long run. Therefore, I would like to request that these behaviors be softened or stopped,' Mr. Suthin Said. Source: Thai News Agency