The results of the bullet casing investigation in the South have resulted in 8 cases.

Narathiwat, Results of inspection of gun shell casings fired at female ranger volunteers. Died in the middle of a market in Narathiwat Province. It is a gunshot that has caused 8 cases in the southern region. Progress in the case of 3 violent perpetrators hiding among villagers who used 9 mm pistols to shoot female volunteer female rangers Nurisan. An officer of the 49th Ranger Regiment, assisting ISOC Region 4, Sirithon Camp, Pattani Province, died on March 28. While helping a relative sell beef soup at the Dusongnyaw market in Chanae District, Narathiwat Province. Most recently, the results of examining the trajectory of a 9 mm pistol bullet that the forensics officer examined. Collected as ammunition that gangsters used to commit security crimes, including the shooting of villagers in Narathiwat Province. Shooting a member of the Chang Phueak Subdistrict Protection Unit Including ranger volunteers and members of the Volunteer Defense Force in Su-ngai Kolok District were killed and injured in 8 cases. s ecurity news source Giving information that it is expected that Mr. Busman Operational leader Responsible for causing mischief in the area of ??Rangae District and Jannae, which were involved in cases of arson at the same time in the area of ??3 southern border provinces. On the night of March 22, 2024, it was involved in a shooting incident. Female RTA Norisan died after ordering coalition members to secretly commit an attack. and the perpetrators are still fleeing. and live a hidden life with the villagers in harmony There is a target of causing incidents against military personnel who are on leave. Subdistrict protection unit operating base and units with low protection This is a weak target, especially during the remaining 10 days of Ramadan. There is a possibility that the gang may cause another major disaster. Source: Thai News Agency