The second time, dozens of men wearing robes raided the home of a millionaire in Nakhon Ratchasima.

Nakhon Ratchasima, Dozens of armed men wearing robes raided and ransacked a luxury home in Nakhon Ratchasima Province. The homeowner checked the CCTV on his mobile phone. before notifying the police to arrest him Revealed that he had previously encountered a gang of men disguising themselves as police and raiding and robbing a house.

CCTV captured a group of about 10 young men wearing masks covering their faces. Get out of the pickup truck. Use steel cutting pliers to cut the key in front of the house. and walked together into the house area Use a stick to push the security camera to face another direction. Breaking in and searching the house At that time, the owner of the house was not in the house. But you can view CCTV cameras online from your mobile phone. He saw the incident and reported it to the police and arrested the culprit.

The incident happened at a luxury residence. Ban Khai Tha Ying, Village No. 6, Wang Rong Yai Subdistrict, Sikhio District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, which is the home of a husband and wife couple. Occupation: construction contractor, good standing, and previously there had just been an incident involving 4 young men claiming to be police officers. Invasion and robbery using a gun on November 20, less than 2 weeks ago, a group of men broke into the house again for the second time.

Police at Sikhio Police Station intercepted a pickup truck driver, a man aged approximately 50 years old, while fleeing on the Sikhio-Dan Khun Thot Road. 7 kilometers from the house where the incident occurred before being detained for questioning. Police later tracked down and arrested two more men who were traveling in a silver-bronze Toyota. which was a car that drove to look at the area after the incident As for the group of 6-7 other young men wearing robes, they were able to get up and escape in another pickup truck that someone had come to pick them up.

Ms. Jaruwan, the owner of the house, revealed that at the time of the incident, she and her family were not in the house. Due to fear of safety from the previous incident of armed robberies. But there was still a group of armed men cutting off the door of the house. Search the property again Plus, use a stick to push the CCTV camera to face another direction.

Ms. Jaruwan revealed that before the day of the incident, she had noticed a group of these people coming to see Ladlao. Until causing an incident when there was no one at home. He therefore turned on the online closed circuit on his mobile phone at all times. Because there are still assets in the house. Initially, he still didn't dare go into the house. I and my husband encountered an incident like this. with family members I feel afraid that I will not be safe because I have encountered this twice. I want the police to prosecute to the utmost. As for the cause, we still don't know. Because I've never had a problem with anyone.

Upon questioning, the driver of a pickup truck claimed to have been hired to take a group of young men to transport things and move houses. But I'm confused about why I have to wear a mask. Then the 8 men were taken to a pickup truck that was waiting at a gas station. As for himself, he was returning home. But came and was stopped by the police. Confirming his ignorance, however, police are rushing to expand their search for the remaining culprits.

Source: Thai News Agency