The work “Quick Win 99 Days” reduces living expenses by more than 7 billion baht.

Nonthaburi, The Commerce Minister is pleased with the performance of " Quick Win 99 Days" with many measures helping to increase distribution according to the target. In particular, reducing the cost of living for all groups of Thai people by more than 7,758 million baht, stimulating the economy by 12,000 million baht. By announcing in 2024, they will continue to reduce the cost of living by more than 30,000 million baht, stimulating the economy by another 150,000 million baht. Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Announcement of Quick Win 99 day operating results, Ministry of Commerce Along with Mr. Naphinthorn Srisanpang, Deputy Minister of Commerce, Mr. Keerati Ratchano, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce And the management team of the Ministry of Commerce under limited conditions with no budget for 2024, using only the regular budget for the past 99 days. Thank you to all sectors that are the commercial team. Coordinate well We came into the midst of problems. Both the climate Geopolitics and wars result in increased product costs. But we have a Prime Minister who works tirelessly. Makes us never tired. The Ministry of Commerce proposes 7 urgent policies. Targets are set in 3 phases, 15 goals within 99 days: 3 repairs to reduce gaps, 8 build to expand, and 4 reinforce for sustainability. Phase 1 "3 repairs to reduce gaps" for small people, including citizens, farmers, and entrepreneurs, reduces Cost of living, access to raw materials Supporting agricultural product prices Strengthen trading 1) Reduce the cost of living, selling affordable products through 5 main activities nationwide, reducing up to more than 82%, reducing the cost of living by more than 7,758 million baht, helping to stimulate the economy by 12,000 million baht. 2) Help farmers both providing credit and compensating interest on stock keeping and a subsidy of 1,000 baht per rai to farmers to compensate for interest on stock keeping. Loans to increase cultivation and processing efficiency for cassava and corn farmers. Help support the costs of managing domestic stocks for palm oil farmers. In addition, over the past 99 days, over 3,369 million baht has been linked to produce from both domestic and international markets, distributing over 9,000 tons of produce. 3) Help entrepreneurs facilitate trade, making it E-Government, using technology to serve the public. It is expected to help more than 1,250,000 entrepreneurs by developing an electronic intellectual property registration system. Adding channels for registering public limited companies online Issuing a certificate of origin by yourself and amend 8 laws that are obstacles and are not consistent with current changes, such as the Copyright Act, the Geographic Indication Act, and the Thailand Shippers' Council Act. and draft ministerial regulations to cancel ministerial regulations issued in accordance with the law on certain chambers of commerce that are not appropriate for the present time, B.E. ... and find marketing channels both domestically and abroad through 77 activities, creating a total value of 20,838 million baht, as well as increasing the capacity Competitive ability through 22 activities such as selling free music copyrights to entrepreneurs who are OSMEP members for 3 months and giving a special discount of 50 - 55% and activities using Thai soft power strategies Training to increase entrepreneurial skills and knowledge Use trade benefits to expand the market from FTA etc. Phase 2 '8 build to expand' adjusts the base to strengthen farmers and entrepreneurs, manage costs, process products, increase marketing competition channels, create a handicap to support the changing world context. 1) Strengthen the grassroots economy Plan the distribution of agricultural products in advance through new channels. Control and allocate costs of necessary products to farmers to help reduce costs. 2) Strengthen entrepreneurs in competition Connecting networks of SMEs to provide in-depth information on commerce 3) Create a provincial commercial mechanism Commercial Ambassador and Team Thailand Collaborate to expand the market abroad to support the government's Team Thailand policy. 4) Create a border/transit trade strategy Set up one-stop border trade service centers (One Stop Service:OSS) in 8 provinces. 5) Create an export strategy in line with the changing global context. Adopt a proactive economic diplomacy policy Penetrating the provincial and secondary city markets Add channels to promote Thai products through Thai Select stores around the world. 6) Create a trade handicap with FTA. Accelerate the negotiation of trade agreements with potential trading partners continuously. This February 2024, an FTA will be signed with Sri Lanka, giving Thailand an additional 0.02 percent of GDP per year. 7) Create careers, create commercial opportunities with soft power through Thai food, movies/games, high quality tourism, books, fashion, design, and publicizing Thai products and services. 8) Strengthen your business through innovation. Phase 3: '4 Additions for Sustainability' to continuously strengthen the Thai economy. 1) Strengthen mechanisms to maintain agricultural product prices in a comprehensive manner, planning in advance with relevant agencies both domestically and abroad. 2) Strengthen the agency's strategy to support change. 3) Strengthen the standards of Thai SMEs, promote successful model entrepreneurs to be models for new ones. 4) Strengthen Thai trade capabilities It has set a plan to accelerate exports in 2024 through 417 activities, expected to create an export value of more than 65,700 million baht. However, the work of the Ministry of Commerce that has been done for 99 days has left the people satisfied. Use technology to develop the trade economy to be better. Thank you to all parties who helped push forward. From now on, you will see more and more work blooming. Let the people move forward with hope and in 2024, from the guidelines of the past 3 months, it will be more intense. Especially the measures to reduce the cost of living for the whole country through the Cheap Blue Flag Project. The goal is to organize Blue Flag events in every area in order to reach as many people as possible and reduce the cost of peach ownership throughout 2024 by more than 30,000 million baht, stimulating the economy by more than 150,000 million baht, along with accelerating assistance to the network of Blue Flag stores that have More than 140,000 customers nationwide are reducing transportation costs. The Ministry of Commerce will cooperate with the Postal Department to jointly transport goods from manufacturers to Blue Flag stores quickly and at not too expensive a cost.

Source: Thai News Agency