Another gang of mechanics arrested for stabbing “Nong Rae” in Pathumwan to death – serving as stepping on a lotus flower

Bangkok, One more person arrested after a gang of mechanics stabbed “Nong Rae,” a Pathumwan student. Died in front of the institute Admitted to being the person who held up the middle finger and used his foot to step on a lotus flower. The remaining 5 people are scheduled to surrender this afternoon (31 Jan.)

The moment when the Metropolitan Investigation Team and Pathumwan Police Station raided and arrested Mr. Phetmongkol, age 28, the suspect under an arrest warrant from the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court. Charged with conspiring to kill another person, conspiring to bring weapons into a town, village, or public way without reasonable cause. In the case of joining with those who stabbed a Pathumwan student to death in front of the institution In the middle of the night on January 26th

Another CCTV camera clearly captures the moment when Uthen Thawai students gathered at Uthen Thawai College. Before gathering together to eat and passing the Pathumwan College sign Stopped to take photos at the institute s
ign and the fence area of ??Pathumwan and climbed the fence and joined the group to walk with their legs crossed and go inside. Before that, two Pathumwan students, who were the deceased’s group, ran in, causing the Uthen group to retreat.

The arrest of Mr. Phetmongkol The fourth suspect in the Bang Nam Priao area of ??Chachoengsao Province found a shirt and pants worn by Mr. Phetmongkol on the day of the incident. Mr. Phetmongkol, who surrendered to the evidence, admitted all charges. Confessed to the officer that he was in the incident. He raised his middle finger and used his foot to step on a lotus flower in the institute.

4 people who must not complain yet “Who stabbed Nong Rae?”

At this time, the police have brought Mr. Petchmongkol for further questioning at the Investigation Division. While detaining the reporter, he tried to ask if he had participated in stabbing Nong Rae as well. Mr. Phetmongkol did not answer but shook his head.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Theeradej Thammasutee, commander of the Metropolita
n Investigation Division, revealed that Mr. Phetmongkol is considered to be the main actor responsible for provoking this incident. But during the interrogation of all the suspects, no one admitted to being the one who stabbed the deceased. Confirmed even though the remaining suspects did not surrender. The police will hunt down and arrest and prosecute. As for the investigative stage, even though only 9 people have been found to have caused the crime, if the results are expanded to include who? Whether it’s helping Go to a shelter or support with funding Every case will be prosecuted without exception. The police will make it a case similar to the arrest of the perpetrators of the Nong Yot and Teacher Jeab gangs.

5 more accused in stabbing case Pathumwan student dies Appointment to surrender this afternoon

, Pol. Maj. Gen. Noppasin Poolsawat, Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, confirmed that in this case there are 9 suspects, including 7 students who have already been released from their condi
tion, 2 others are still studying, and the opening of the operation “City Lockdown” Hunting for the killer of Nong Rae, raided and searched 7 targets yesterday. Three suspects were able to be arrested: Mr. Nathaporn or To 9 Inch, 19 years old, the ringleader of the gang, Mr. Teerathat, 21 years old, and Mr. Karan, 19 years old. All of them were charged with the same thing, that is, conspiring to kill another person. and bringing weapons into towns, villages, or public roads without reasonable cause All of them confessed that the crime occurred because they were molded by their seniors to create values ??that made them hate enemies from different institutions. As for the remaining five suspects under arrest warrants, they have been contacted that a lawyer will bring them to surrender this afternoon (Jan. 31).

Police determine the cause of students fighting and gathering together like a termite nest. Cultivate distorted ideas

The Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police emphasized that the investigation
into this case is quite clear that the cause of the incident came from both institutions having a system of joining together and participating in donating money to open a safe house. In a way similar to a termite nest outside the school gate. Keep cultivating distorted ideas incite hatred Similar to the combination of the Nong Yot and Teacher Jeab cases. who were caught in the crosshairs of gangs from different institutions.

Source: Thai News Agency