Forest fire in Mae Tho National Park, Chiang Mai Province, damaged 35 rai.

Chiang Mai, Forest fires in 8 areas of Mae Tho National Park have damaged 35 rai. In another 4 areas, fires are still spreading high in the mountains. cannot be extinguished As for the cause, it is believed that villagers illegally set fires to get forest products.

There were 8 forest fires in Mae Tho National Park yesterday evening (13 Feb.), with the first 4 fires occurring in the northeastern part of San Khwang Forest. Of Bo Sa Nae Village, Bo Luang Subdistrict, Hot District, Chiang Mai Province, a total of 16 officials and villagers walked with blower equipment to extinguish the fire. The fire spread along the ridge in a wide area. Must spread together to form a fire line. It took up to 2 hours to control the area until the power went out. The area of ??35 rai of deciduous dipterocarp forest was damaged. The cause is believed to be that villagers secretly burned it to get forest products.

The other 4 points occurred in the San Doi Kahu forest area. and Huai Ma Knot Forest North of Ban Mae Hut, Village
No. 13, Bo Luang Subdistrict, Hot District, Mae Tho Forest Fire Control Station staff and Mae Tho National Park officials, a total of 10 officers, walked on foot with air blowers to extinguish the fire and create fire lines. But the fire had spread over a wide area. Until 9 p.m., the fire still could not be controlled. together with a high cliff The officials then created a fire line. and let the fire spread until it extinguished itself before withdrawing forces from the area because it is night Afraid that there will be danger As for the cause, it is believed that villagers illegally set fires to get forest products.

While in Chiang Mai Yesterday, as many as 12 hot spots were found, resulting in a total of 143 wildfires from the beginning of the year until now, but the number is still lower than last year.

Source: Thai News Agency