“Lawyer Tum” provides more information on financial routes linked to “Big Police”

‘Lawyer Tum’ brings witnesses along with additional financial evidence to submit to the 2nd Round of the National Police Commission, believing they can take action against ‘Big Police’ within 60 days.

Mr. Sitra Biabangkerd or Attorney Tum, secretary-general of the People’s Lawyers Foundation, along with witnesses, traveled to provide additional information to the Police Complaints Consideration Committee (P.R.C.) at the Office of the Inspector General of Police. (Police Wing) Ramintra Road, Bang Khen District, Bangkok

Mr. Sitra said that today the evidence of the financial route of the original online gambling website with more details has been presented to additional officials of the Royal Thai Police Commission, with more details and more clarity. which is linked to high-ranking police officers Total value hundreds of millions of baht To make it easier for the committee to inspect

Mr. Sitra believes and is confident. Ready to expect that this committee will be able to examine the financial path of online
gambling websites. and can prosecute those who participated in the crime This committee is straightforward. and the resolution can be brought to prosecute the offender within 60 days

Mr. Sitra said that as for the Tao Poon Police Station, after this, witnesses will be asked to prepare a letter to accompany the case. Because in the past, the investigating officer interviewed the two witnesses, the spy and Ms. Pimwilai, for only 1 page of paper. Therefore causing confidence in the work of the investigating officers. Interrogation is directed or beneficial to the other side. He therefore had to bring witnesses to the Royal Thai Police Commission for questioning himself.

As for the case of Tao Poon Police Station Superintendent Will resign due to pressure. Mr. Sitra said that recently he learned that he believed that there may have been pressure from the beginning. Until it came to him who went to file a complaint with the big police. There is also news that the case files will be transferred to other agencies
to act on their behalf. Fear of being found guilty of neglecting to perform duties Therefore, he believes that it is pressure that he wants to resign from being the superintendent of the Tao Poon Police Station, but he confirms that he will take action against this group of investigators for the offense of Section 157 if the case is transferred to another agency.

However, he believes that the issue of corruption and online gambling is important for those involved to urgently solve the problem. Nowadays, the story of the arrest of the gambling website gang is seen in the news every day. Because the officer already had evidence, he sat and chased and canceled the ticket. After things were quiet for a while, they returned to the process of receiving tribute as usual. He therefore called for the establishment of an ad hoc committee to solve corruption problems. This matter is a matter for the government that must be resolved urgently. But at this time the government has not come down to solve the problem in a co
ncrete way.

Source: Thai News Agency