Never let ‘Jeng Dokjik’ meet him.

Government House, “Somsak” confirms “Jeng Dokjik” never came to see him. After revealing that he had met the team while he was the Minister of Justice, he denied answering whether it was a political game or not. I believe everyone has good judgment and can consider it.

Mr. Somsak Thepsuthin, Deputy Prime Minister Giving an interview on the case of Mr. Yoswarit Chuklom or Jeng Dokjik, he admitted that he had visited the working group during his time. Minister of Justice Regarding the EM bracelet problem, he said he did not know because he had not come to see him. Each ministry has various projects. He may have gone to collect information or look for information. But in regards to their work, they do not know. You may meet someone or an acquaintance. There probably isn’t any issue or anything.

When asked whether the current references to many senior figures in the government will become a problem for the government that must be investigated, Mr. Somsak said that investigation is already a good thing. But it
is always best to check for purity. If it is not an inspection for the benefit of the country It’s not a correct thing.

As for Mr. Yosawaris stating that it is a political game, Mr. Somsak said that we have discretion to consider whose story is what. We listen, but we probably cannot have an opinion. Because they are not close or meet and talk with them.

Source: Thai News Agency