OBEC responds to the resolution Cabinet gives green light to budget School lunch expands opportunities

OBEC responds to the resolution. Cabinet gives green light to budget School lunch opportunities expand to 2,955 million baht, along with a budget to hire 14,210 janitors, accelerating progress to reduce the burden on students and teachers. Create quality equally throughout the country

Lt. Col. Thanu Wongchinda, secretary-general of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC secretary-general), revealed that from the cabinet meeting on March 26, 2024, there was a resolution approving the principles according to the Ministry of Education (Ministry of Education). Proposing a request for lunch funds in the amount of 2,955 million baht among 7,344 schools with expanded opportunities, consisting of those under the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC), local government organizations (Local Administrative Organizations), Bangkok. and the Border Patrol Police Division (Border Patrol Police). The total number of students is 575,983, which will be the budget in 2025 for students in the school to expand educationa
l opportunities in grades 1-3, with the number of students 1-40 receiving. Budget support 36 baht/person/day. Number of students 41-100 people receive budget 27 baht/person/day. Number of students 101-120 people receive budget 24/baht/person/day. and numbers of students 120 or more receive a budget of 22/baht/person/day

In addition, the meeting It has also been agreed to hire 14,210 janitors for all schools that lack them. In fiscal year 2025, a total of 25,370 positions will be hired, which will be available from October 1, 2024. September 30, 2025. Then preparations will be made to request the budget for the following years. go continuously As for the budget for hiring janitors in 2024, the Prime Minister has now approved the budget for hiring janitors for 2024. The next step will be to prepare a request for additional funds to the Budget Office. and sent to the Ministry of Education, after which it will be presented to the meeting Cabinet approves again In fiscal year 2024, janitors will be hired. From 1
May – 30 September 2024, which means Since the opening of this coming new semester. Schools under OBEC throughout the country will definitely have janitors in every school.

Acting Lt. Col. Thanu said that OBEC would like to thank the Prime Minister, the Cabinet and the Minister of Education. For the school lunch budget, expand opportunities and budget for hiring janitors by OBEC ready to drive operations and continue to carry out the policy to educational institutions and students across the country in accordance with the policy of “Study well, be happy” of Pol. Gen. Permpoon Chidchob, Minister of Education. and Mr. Surasak Panjaroenworakul Deputy Minister of Education that wants to reduce the burden of expenses on students and parents and raise the level of Thai education as a whole system. The school lunch budget expands opportunities. It will help solve the problem of malnutrition among students. By promoting free lunch Good health according to nutritional principles Let children and youth eat well, be ha
ppy, increase academic achievement and increase learning efficiency. As a result, students are given the opportunity Equality and reducing inequality Including solving the problem of schools averaging lunch fees for students in grades up to Grade 6 as lunch fees for students in grades 1-3, which does not comply with legal regulations. There is a direct budget to support this section. and respond to government policy in solving the problem of educational inequality,

which is an important foundation of economic inequality occurring in Thai society as well.

As for the employment of janitors, according to the Cabinet resolution on January 23, 2024, the Prime Minister has proposed to exempt them from being on guard duty in educational institutions. which even though educational institutions have CCTV cameras But there still appears to be insecurity in life and property and the workload of maintaining security, buildings, surroundings, and public utility systems. and government property in the school still exists
, such duties are therefore passed on to teachers and educational personnel in the school. Therefore, it is necessary to request budget support to hire all janitors. school For the safety of teachers and students Keep the school in a clean, safe condition, conducive to student learning, reducing teachers’ workload, giving teachers time to perform their main duties, which is organizing teaching and learning fully. effective Let the school be a safe place for teachers and students to truly “study well and be happy”.

Source: Thai News Agency