Pattani-Yala turmoil Burning convenience store Factory arson, robbery

Pattani, Yala Puan Tai Thieves set fire to convenience stores in 4 districts in Pattani Province. As for Yala, thieves attacked the Electricity Federation, a large cooking gas factory. Catch workers before they set fire and robbed the stone mill

In the middle of the night last night Thieves dispersed their forces to commit arson at convenience stores in 4 districts of Pattani Province, including 1 point in Mueang District, 1 point in Yaring District, 1 point in Yarang District, and 1 point in Khok Pho District. In addition, there were also incidents of car tire burning in 2 districts. There were 2 points in Khok Pho District and 1 point in Panare District. Officials blocked off the area. Waiting for the forensics officer to come in and check. Ready to expedite CCTV cameras to track down the culprit. As for the cause, it is believed to be the work of a group of insurgents. hoping to retaliate against the officials After the past, there were 2 criminals who were extrajudicial.

As for Yala, around the same ti
me there were several fires. In some places there was a loud explosion. including rubber wood factories, furniture stores Bannang Sata District, many criminals invaded the Electricity Federation, a large cooking gas factory. They tied the hands of workers and security guards before setting them on fire. All is now safe. and the fire has been controlled. As for the stone mill in Mueang Yala District, there was a sound similar to an explosion 3-4 times, along with many criminals entering and robbing the stone mill. There were also incidents of burning car tires and sailboat nails along the road. which this morning Officials will inspect the scene again.

Source: Thai News Agency