Police driving drunk crashed into a motorcycle, dragging a 12-year-old boy 300 meters away.

Roi Et, Police driving a drunk pickup truck crashed into a motorcycle, dragging a 12-year-old boy with the wheels of the vehicle more than 300 meters away. His alcohol content was measured as high as 321 milligrams percent. The child is still in the ICU.

Surveillance cameras recorded people shouting for the white pickup truck to stop. Because he crashed into a motorcycle and there was a child wearing a red shirt attached to the wheel of the car. The incident happened this morning in front of Thung Charoen Fresh Market. Prem Pracharat Road Mueang Roi Et Municipality The injured person was a boy, about 12 years old, who had abrasions on his torso. and his face had serious wounds and was in serious condition. Officers rushed to help, gave first aid and took him to Roi Et Hospital for further treatment.

Ask the injured aunt. Before the incident happened, he was riding a motorcycle with his grandson. Go to Thung Charoen Market As he was about to park in the parking lot, suddenly there was a white pickup truck.
He crashed into the rear before his own car fell. Then the pickup truck drove away. The grandson’s body and the car were dragged more than 300 meters away, as was another woman who came to the market and witnessed the incident. Tried calling for someone to help stop the car but it wouldn’t stop.

Then the Muang Roi Et Police Station Received radio interception and were able to track down the pickup truck. You can get it at Roi Et Kindergarten intersection. which crashed into the back of a sedan that was stopped at a red light The driver’s name was later learned. Police Sword Somsong, 50 years old, belongs to the Changhan Provincial Police. In a state similar to a drunk person Can’t talk. The officers then took him into custody. Muang Roi Et Police Station to proceed with legal action

Pol. Maj. Gen. Songphon Boribanprasit The Provincial Police Commander of Roi Et Province sent the order to Pol. Col. Chalit Srihanu, Superintendent of Muang Roi Et Police Station. Provide full and fair investigation and assistan
ce to accident victims on all sides. Even if the perpetrator is a police officer, all charges must be prosecuted according to law.

Muang Roi Et Police Chief said that the amount of alcohol in the driver’s body was measured as high as 321 milligrams per cent. more than required by law It was found that he was a police officer at Nanai Police Station, Sakon Nakhon Province, but his hometown was in Roi Et Province. As for the people who were concerned that being a police officer would help each other. Muang Roi Et Police Station Will work fully as required by law. Meanwhile, those injured and the damage caused will receive full justice for their crimes. That is, he drove carelessly and crashed into another person’s car, causing damage and causing injured people to flee without reporting the incident and not stopping to help. Including driving while under the influence of alcohol. must be prosecuted Even though the driver is a police officer At this time, they are being detained and prosecuted at Muang Roi Et Po
lice Station

As for the condition of a 12-year-old boy, he is still being treated in the ICU at Roi Et Hospital. The hospital’s doctors gave only a short notice. that he is still in serious condition Had to be intubated, both arms were broken, blood pressure was abnormally low and we had to be careful of complications. Relatives are strictly prohibited from visiting.

Source: Thai News Agency