Starting now “Green Win” (Green Win Bangkok) reduces PM 2.5

Bangkok, The Motorcycle For Hire Association of Thailand joins hands with Storm Thailand and Oscar Holding to kick off the Green Win project to reduce PM 2.5 pollution problems, with Ms. Pimpatra Wichaikul, Minister, saying. Ministry of Industry Chaired and witnessed the signing ceremony for cooperation in the Green Win project.

Ms. Pimpatra said that it is progress that everyone has joined together to look forward to find a solution and work together to solve the PM 2.5 problem that is currently a problem. And this is an opportunity for technology developers to work together to develop in the direction of clean energy. Because using electric motorcycles is an important choice. Especially motorcycle taxi drivers in Bangkok. which has links to transportation and traveling by public transport and is a group that plays an important role in promoting the use of clean energy towards the use of electric motorcycles. Reduce energy costs and maintenance costs This is a strong point for the choice of motorcycle taxi
operators not only in Bangkok, but can also be expanded throughout the country. The Ministry of Industry is ready to support in every aspect.

‘Purifying the air It is not the burden of any one person. But it is a cooperation of the people, entrepreneurs and the government. The Ministry of Industry has continuously promoted this matter. By the National Electric Vehicle Policy Committee It has been driven since 2021, aiming to produce and use vehicles that emit zero emissions. Promoting investment for electric vehicles and parts Promoting the use of electric vehicles (EV3 and EV3.5 standards), setting standards for use and safety by the Ministry of Industry Fully committed to being one of the leaders of transformational development in this region. By moving forward into the clean energy era in order to pass on clean air to future generations,’ said Ms. Pimpatra.

Source: Thai News Agency