The cobra is in love and doesn’t care about people’s eyes.

Songkhla,, A giant king cobra makes love in Longkong Park in Sadao District, Songkhla Province, not caring about the sight of villagers flocking to see it. Still holding up their necks, holding each other together in a spiral. Bitterwood rescuers came to catch them. They admitted that it was difficult to catch them because it was the first time they had caught two at the same time.

Villagers at Ban Kubu, Village No. 6, Samnak Taew Subdistrict, Sadao District, Songkhla Province, went to see two giant king cobras making love in the garden of the rear of the house of 60-year-old Mr. Dam Panso. Villagers who heard the news went. There were a lot of people watching. And even though there were many villagers standing around watching, But this pair of king cobras was not shocked or stopped loving them at all. Still holding her neck and hugging her, curled up in a spiral in the grass for a long time.

Villagers had to call the bitterwood rescue team. of Sadao Municipality to help capture Because if this pair of kin
g cobras were left in the orchard The garden owner is afraid it may not be safe. Because it’s very big But before the rescuers were able to capture these two snakes, they had to wait a moment. Because they had to catch two of them, it took almost an hour to lock both king cobras. But it tries to fight all the time. At times, it even snatches its own mate.

When dragging the two king cobras out of the orchard The villagers cheered loudly. Because they are very big, up to 4 and a half meters long, both of them.

The bitter wood rescue team said it was the first time they had caught two king cobras at once. It is very difficult to catch them because they are in love with each other, not staying still, holding each other’s necks up and down all the time. before being released into the forest far from the villagers’ homes.

Source: Thai News Agency